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Words of Encouragement and Inspiration From Main Line Parent’s Women of Influence Guide

Need a pep talk? Want to get to know some AMAZING Women of Influence in the Main Line Parent Community? Start here!

Our inaugural Women of Influence Luncheon at Terrain in Devon in late September was an incredible success.

We curated a gathering of 140 diverse women who were eager to connect and uplift each other as we celebrated our inaugural class of Women of Influence Award Winners! Since the event was sold out more than a month in advance, each guest was given an opportunity to contribute to our Women of Influence Guide with a short bio or words of encouragement, which we’re sharing with you today. This Guide served as a networking resource at our event and will endure as an uplifting source of inspiration for YOU!

Feature photo by AMC Photography Studios.

Visit the digital version of Main Line Parent’s Women of Influence Guide to get to know the 2023 Award Winners and our women-led Members! Visit our sister sites to expand your circle beyond the Main Line:

ESTELLE ACQUAH, Founder & Principal Consultant
Aya Advisors, LLC | estelleacquah.com

Listen to the most marginalized among us. Their voices are the strongest compass toward our collective liberation.

BETH AUGUSTE, Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, & Women’s
Fitness Specialist,
Be Well with Beth | bewellwithbethphl.com/services

You can’t accomplish everything in one day. This is something I talk to my nutrition and wellness clients about all the time. We live in a society that is overly focused on quick fixes when, in reality, it takes a strong foundation to build something that lasts. Remember to take things one step at a time and to appreciate the small milestones on the way to your bigger goal. Slow down to speed up.

PAMELA BADOLATO, Content Director
Family Focus Media | familyfocus.org

“When you have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher fence.”

Eadeh Enterprises | eadeh.com

Stacey Ballard is well-versed in commercial real estate practices and knows all of the questions to ask to best match businesses with their real estate needs. She loves the small-town, wave-to-your-neighbor feel of the Main Line and loves working, living here, and giving back generously to the community!

JILL BATCHELLER, Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach
Villanova University | villanovawomenslacrossecamps.com

Congratulations to all of the amazing Women of Influence! “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” – Michelle Obama

Cupola Academy | cupolaacademy.org

“When you wonder, learning follows naturally.” – Julia Bergson-Shilcock

JANENE BESCH, Owner & Director
OWLS Therapy | owlstherapy.com

It doesn’t matter where you are, it’s where you
are going. You are enough!

Family Focus Media | familyfocus.org

“People rarely succeed unless they HAVE FUN in what they are doing.” – Dale Carnegie

Ma Zen Space | mazenspace.com

Create space for growth, nurture moments to
listen, and connect with the wisdom of your intuition.

Kids’ Clubhouse of the Main Line | kidsclubhousemainline.com

Build a life you are proud to live and surround yourself with people who support you doing it.

POLINA BULMAN, Documentary Family Photographer
Polina Bulman Photography | polinabulman.com

A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today! Take a small step toward your big goal — no overthinking.

Eadeh Enterprises | eadeh.com

Congratulations, Stacey!

EMILY BURRELL, Administrator, Partnerships & Business Development, Nemours Children’s Health | nemours.org

Always be curious, support your colleagues, and encourage those less likely to speak up to share their perspectives!

AMC Photography | amcphotostudios.com

Passion, determination, and a little bit of creativity; women can break barriers and succeed in any field they choose. Fearlessly chase your dreams.

KATIE CASEY, Co-President & Director of Communications
Well Rooted | WellRootedPa.org

LIVING your heart’s passions, dreams, and beliefs with authenticity, confidence, and kindness will never not have impact.

SUZANNE CERBUS, Director, Business Development & Provider Relations, Nemours Children’s Health | nemours.org

You don’t need anyone’s approval to be true to yourself. Be inspired by your why to drive your goals and success!

BRYNN CICIPPIO, Founder & Licensed Therapist
BCA Therapy | bcatherapy.com

“If you want to lift up humanity, empower women. It is the most comprehensive, pervasive, high-leverage investment you can make.” – Melinda Gates #agree

HEATHER CLOUGH, Mrs. Chester Springs International 2024
“Fighting For Those Who Fight For Us” Supporting Veterans

Find the passion that fuels you and let it take root. These roots become the strong foundation in which greatness grows.

RACHEL CREAN, Entrepreneur
New Salon Coming Soon

Working together to grow our businesses together!

Main Line Childcare | mainlinechildcare.com

Learning it is not wrong not right, just different! Embrace it and see the difference you can make!

JAIME LYNN CURLEY, Lifestyle Entrepreneur
The Tailor Made Life | linktr.ee/jaimelynncurley

Comparison is the thief of joy. Always cheer loudly for others, but their success does not take away from yours.

KIMBERLY CUTHBERT, Owner & Pastry Chef
Sweet Jazmines Inc | sweetjazmines.com

When you don’t know better, do your best, and when you know better, do better. And just be good to people.

Family Focus Media | familyfocus.org

It’s what you do after you fail that shapes you. Be fearless with full hearts and remember that women are meant to shatter glass ceilings. You’re remarkable!

LeadHer Lacrosse

Congrats, Jill!

MARY DEPETRIS, Restaurant Manager
The Iron Eagle on Lincoln Bar & Grille | ironeagleonlincoln.com

Congratulations, Jill! I am so proud of how you mentor young women to help them achieve success on and off the field!

Confident Parenting | beaconfidentparent.com

Congratulations to all these amazing women who are making a difference each and every day!

Click Canyon Digital Marketing | clickcanyon.com

Let’s keep doing amazing things in our communities, supporting each other, and saying every day,
“Oh yes I can!” THX MLP!

ERIKA DUNCAN, Market Manager
Culinary Harvest | culinaryharvest.com

Words of kindness are never wasted; they always make a difference.

KRISTA FINEGAN, CFP©️, Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley | advisor.morganstanley.com/the-o-rourke-finegan-group

Amelia Earhart said it best: “The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” Go for it!

MARIE FOLLO, Mother of Pamela Badolato
Mema to adorable grandchildren

One does not make themselves look good by making others look bad. Humility and kindness is what people remember most.

Game on State | gameonstate.com

Aimee is definitely a woman of influence that deserves to be celebrated!

KARIN FOX, Founder & Administrator
Main Line Special Needs Parents facebook.com/groups/MainLineSpecialNeedsParents/

Learn to embrace the differences in others. Make diversity and inclusion a reality in your life instead of a concept.

Entrust Financial, LLC | entrustfinancial.com

As a woman business owner, I’m thrilled to celebrate my fellow women leaders. Wishing you all great success!

CAITLIN GANLEY, Sr. Director of Government & Regulatory Affairs
Comcast | xfinity.com

If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small! Dream BIG.

LYNN GETZ, Speaker, Encourager, and Community Builder lynnegetz.com

Find yourself some amazingly accomplished women who are also willing to make ridiculous faces when taking pics because those women are the best!!! ❤️

BETH GILBERT-CROWELL, Main Line Parent Calendar Editor & Writer, Family Focus Media | familyfocus.org

Be yourself. No one else can do it better than you!

Embark Behavioral Health | embarkbh.com

I believe that a great leader sees the best qualities in each team member. Making others soar is a major accomplishment.

HomeCooked | HomeCooked.net

Claire knows the struggles of busy moms first-hand. She founded HomeCooked 17 years ago to help busy families like her own solve, “What’s for dinner?” Now families throughout the Main Line, Bucks, and Lancaster areas count on HomeCooked’s easy and delicious
ready-to-cook meals for dinners, holiday meals, meal trains, and gifts. HomeCooked relieves meal-related stress so you can focus on everything else!

Young Rembrandts Chester County | youngrembrandts.com/chestercounty/view-classes-enroll/

Never stop dreaming. Believe in yourself — you can do amazing things at any age, no matter the circumstances.

SARAH HEYMAN, Publishing Intern
Family Focus Media | familyfocus.org

If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it.

TINA HO, Facial Plastic Surgeon
Tina Ho MD Facial Plastic Surgery | drtinaho.com

Be the role model for other women that you wish you had. Embrace gratitude every day.

CORINA JENKINS, Director of Outreach
Fusion Academy | fusionacademy.com

You possess magic to lead you to any destination with the people around you, amplifying brilliance to shine together.

LINDA KATARYNICK, Accounts Payable Manager
Eadeh Enterprises | eadeh.com

Congratulations Stacey!

CARRIE KAUFFMAN, Professional Organizer & Owner
Carrie’s Essential Services | carriesessentialservices.com

Carrie Kauffman is an award-winning professional organizer, member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, Greater Philadelphia Chapter (NAPO-GPC), and owner of Carrie’s Essential Services, LLC. Carrie provides a wide range of organizing services, working alongside homeowners and business owners, on the Main Line and its surrounding communities.

Experience Chiropractic, Bloom @ Experience, and The Bloom Philosophy™ | drbrandie.com

I’m Dr. Brandie Keates: mom, chiropractor, CEO, author, entrepreneur, and advocate. I’ve spent years aligning myself with the people and experiences that most align with my values in order to become the best version of myself. My two amazing kids and my fierce commitment to growth keep me going each day. I’ve met the most inspirational women through this process. Thanks to them, I’m always looking up.

Nicole Klein Team EXP | nicolekleinteam.com

Believe in your potential. Embrace challenges. Shine and inspire. Keep going, keep growing! You’ve got this!

KIRALIE KONDE, President & Aging Life Care Manager
Generation Crossroads, LLC | generationcrossroads.com

Queen Latifah said, “Surround yourself with positive people.” I am inspired by all of you amazing Women of Influence!

KERRI KONIK BOYD, CEO & Chief Brand Strategist
Inspire Fire® and Alchemie Online | inspirefire.com & alchemieonline.com

You can live a life by design. Don’t compromise on what matters most, and never settle. Success is defined by you alone.

STEPHANIE KOSTA, Vice President, Government Affairs
Comcast | xfinity.com

Stephanie L. Kosta’s commitment to public service is evident through her personal and professional work. She not only leads corporate impact efforts for Comcast Freedom Region including programs focused on digital equity through Project UP, but her passion for children, family, diversity, and equity drives her volunteer work. Stephanie is thrilled to be recognized as a Women of Influence among such an inspiring group of women.

Big Blue Swim School Paoli |

Thank you for all the strong, successful, and supportive women in this group. I lean on your positivity and passion.

RACHEL KRAMER, Founder & Director of Nonprofit Affairs
Give TE | givete.org

Strive to fill each day with joy, purpose, play, and connection. Surround yourself with people who share this goal!

Inventors Club for Women | inventorsclubforwomen.com

Embrace your strength, spark new ideas. Use your unique abilities to make a difference and change the world.

MEGAN LARSEN, Main Line Speech Therapy Manager
OWLS Therapy | owlstherapy.com

Believe you can and you’re halfway there!

The BenLath Law Group, LLC | benlathlaw.com

Embrace the risk and don’t be afraid to take chances. The only real failure occurs when you don’t try.

DENISE LINN, Relationship Manager
M&T Bank | mtb.com

When women work together, there is nothing they can’t accomplish!

CARA LOUGHRAN, Speech Therapy & Social Media Manager
OWLS Therapy | owlstherapy.com

Just be yourself, there is no one better!

MICHELLE LUSI, Vice President
JL Entertainment Designs | jlentertainmentdesigns.com

Congratulations to all the women nominated. Your commitment to making a positive impact in our community is inspiring!

LIZ MACDONALD, Owner & Principal Designer
Shelf Help, LLC | shelfhelp.me

By showing up authentically and consistently, we can make our dreams come true!

JENNA MACPHERSON, Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications, Delaware Valley
Nemours Children’s Health | nemours.org

Set and communicate your priorities, and boundaries. You are the only one who can protect your joy.

Little Love Jar | littlelovejar.com

You are not alone. You are not alone. You are not alone.

SIERRA MAHONEY, Owner & Certified Doula
Liberty Doulas | libertydoulas.com

Remember, you possess the resilience, determination, and creativity needed to thrive as a woman entrepreneur.

Eadeh Enterprises | eadeh.com

Surround yourself with strong women, and they will become your tribe!

Ivory Tree Portraits | IvoryTreePortraits.com

How our children present themselves starts with how they hear us talk about ourselves and our peers. It’s my passion to create a culture that builds kids’ (and women’s) self-confidence through inclusion, fun, and community.

Something You Beauty | somethingyouonsite.com

I created Something You to give women the opportunity to balance career with motherhood. Between us on our team, we have babies, memories, best friendships, and thriving careers. Our philosophy is that professional hair and makeup should bring exceptional confidence in your own beautiful skin. The power of a group of women who love what they do and love each other knows no bounds!

NICOLE MCCULLOUGH, Surgical Coordinator
Tina Ho MD | drtinaho.com

If you risk nothing, you risk everything.

CHERYL MELCHIORRE, Owner & Managing Partner
Centerline Consulting | centerlineconsulting.net

Focus on the day after tomorrow, not yesterday. Create your future. Give it your all. Bring others along for the ride.

VICKI MESSINA, Managing Partner
Wagner Integrative Therapies | jadamwagner.com

Choosing a partnership with my chiropractor over a paycheck was the BEST career choice ever. We help people every day!

Main Line Fashionista Boutique | mainlinefashionista.com

Sometimes we have to Fake It Till We Make It.
That’s ok! Also, don’t overthink social media posts! Post and move on!

KRISTEN MICUCCI, Business Development Manager
Family Focus Media | familyfocus.org

Don’t ever be afraid to be your authentic self.

ROSE MILLER, FRN,BSN, MSHI, Nature Enthusiast & Mum to Sarah Bond, Scenic View Haven

“Don’t think for one second you can’t be anything you want to be — a warrior, a goddess, a queen-bee.” – Melody Lee

King of Prussia Doulas, LLC | kopdoulas.com

Confidently step into your own, let your passions be known, and unapologetically follow your dreams.

LATANYA MORGAN, Executive Director
Sawubona Creativity Project | sawubonacreativityproject.org

Thank you to all the amazing women who are out here making a positive impact on others. You are wonderful and amazing.

BETH MULHOLLAND, Realtor & Team Leader
BHHS Fox & Roach-Main Line | mulhollandperacchiagroup.foxroach.com

Finding a career that allows a positive work-life balance enables us to be the best version of ourselves!

The Healing Point | healingpointonline.com

It is an honor to be in attendance and be surrounded by an uplifting community of women who are supporting each other.

Restore Movement, LLC | restoremvmt.com

Jennifer started Restore Movement to fill a void that was missing in the health and wellness industry, bridging the gap between physical therapy and the gym. She is a Navy veteran helping all walks of life live pain-free, active lives. Jennifer’s outgoing and professional demeanor allows clients to feel welcome and heard. She can often be found running the streets of Wayne or at a Phillies game.

ALY OSWALD, Worship Coordinator
St. Norbert Catholic Church | linkedin.com/in/alyson-ward-oswald

You can find different, rewarding roles for different seasons.

Susan Padron, Intuitive Personal Stylist
Susan Padron Stylist | susanpadronstylist.com

Every time you get dressed, choose at least one part of yourself to highlight. Don’t let yourself hide, shine instead.

DEBBIE PARNES, Orthodontist & Owner
Phamily Orthodontics | phamilyorthodontics.com

Debbie’s commitment to work-life balance inspired her to create a brand focused on Phamily. Her team and patients are treated with the same care and love she provides her husband and three children. A supportive office culture is a priority, and the offices physically reflect
Debbie’s enthusiasm for design, and its impact on well-being.

JODY PESKIN, Chief Chocolate Officer
The Sweet Trading Co | thesweettradingco.com

This diverse group of business owners and leaders, brought together and supported by Family Focus Media, is amazing!

MARSHA PETNICK, Lifestyle Coach & Interior Designer
Marsha Petnick Lifestyle / MP Designs | marshapetnick.com

Switching careers at 61 is not easy, but with the right mindset and great friends, anything is possible.

MAIRIN PETRONE, Development Director
Family Focus Media | familyfocus.org

“Criticism should be taken seriously, not personally.” – Hilary Clinton

Jessica Hendrix Photography LLC | jessicahendrix.com

“When someone says you can’t do it, do it twice and take pictures.” – Tami Xiang

Surrey Services for Seniors – Devon | linkedin.com/in/sharon-purser

You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. Keep going…

SUDHA RAMAN, Medical Director, Nemours PA Specialty Care Network, Nemours Children’s Health System | nemours.org

Dr. Sudha Raman, MD, MBA, FAAP is a board-certified pediatrician and neonatologist. She is currently the Medical Director of Ambulatory Care Centers for Nemours Children’s Health in Pennsylvania and a neonatologist at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware and St. Francis Hospital. Dr. Raman has been practicing medicine in the Delaware Valley for over 20 years. She is passionate about working to ensure that all children have equal access to high-quality healthcare.

HANNA RAMSBURG, Nurse Practitioner
Tina Ho Facial Plastic Surgery | drtinaho.com

Believe in yourself. You have the power to make your dreams come true.

Party Host Helpers & Events by Renee | partyhosthelpers.com

Keep networking and expand your footprint. You never know who you will meet that can make a major impact on your career.

Flagship Pioneering | flagshippioneering.com

As a talent leader and connector of people, my network is open to you as you seek to grow your career or business.

LORI ROBBINS, Director of Sales & Client Marketing
Family Focus Media | familyfocus.org

“I am woman phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that’s me.” – Maya Angelou

Berks Literacy Council

Begin each day with purpose. Seek kindness, joy, and adventure with every encounter. Enjoy life to the fullest.

LAUREN ROBERTS, Social Media & Content Marketing Manager
Family Focus Media | familyfocus.org

You’re never too old to get started. Find your passions, and run toward them at full speed!

Kramer Drive | kramerdrive.com

Do not doubt your strength. Do not question your ability. The world needs your talents. Dive right in.

MOLLY ROBERTSON, Retail Product Director
Kramer Drive | kramerdrive.com

Share your wisdom and be kind. There is magic in a group of women who come together with vulnerability and love.

JENNIFER LYNN ROBINSON, Professional Speaker
Jennifer Lynn Robinson | jenniferlynnrobinson.net

“You have to believe in yourself when no one else does.” – Serena Williams

MARIA ROSSI, Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach
Maria Rossi Fitness | mariarossifitness.com

When women help and support other women, AMAZING things happen!

Coldwell Banker | rachelrothbard.com

Keep inspiring, leading, and breaking barriers!

Game on State | gameonstate.com

Aimee is the proud owner of Game on State in Media. She loves bringing the community together and focusing on what individuals CAN do in a SWEET way.

COURTNEY RUBIN, Orthodontist
Phamily Orthodontics | phamilyorthodontics.com

The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. There is no limit to what we can achieve!

KRISTY RUNZER, Owner & Financial Planner
OnRoute Financial | onroutefinancial.com

Be you. Stand in your power as your most authentic self and everything will work itself out. You’re amazing!

MOLLY RYAN, Owner & Vice President
Kramer Drive | kramerdrive.com

Behind every successful woman is another successful woman who showed her how it’s done.

REGAN SARMENTO, Director of Professional Relations
Embark Behavioral Health | embarkbh.com

As an agent of change, all the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me.

Penn Medicine

Congrats, Jill! Thrilled to be here to support you! You’re a true advocate and supporter for female athletes of all ages.

Philly DIY supporting Samvit Sudha | phillydiy.com

Gauri’s volunteer work with Samvit Sudha finds practical and innovative ways of giving back to her ancestral homeland. In this nonprofit, she works to financially empower women in South India. These women are taught to sew, embroider, and make handmade paper. The women of Samvit Sudha make beautiful and practical handsewn bags and gifts that Gauri has been selling for the last 10+ years.

JESSICA SIBLEY, Sr. Manager, Government & Regulatory Affairs
Comcast | xfinity.com

Each time a woman stands up for herself,
without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.

Em J’s Café | emjscafe.com

Nourishing food doesn’t have to be boring. Always add spices and fresh herbs, it will bring a party to your mouth!

Fink & Buchanan Law Offices, LLC | finklawoffices.com

Embrace change. Loosen up your sense of identity, let yourself walk a new path.

CARRIE STRICKER, Executive Director
Canopy Cancer Collective | canopycancer.org/team

We can all do hard things TOGETHER!!!

Spanish Workshop for Children | spanishworkshopforchildren.com

To my fellow Women of Influence, let’s stand strong together. I lead in early education and have been honored. Remember, you’re powerful. Be proud of your own paths and believe in your abilities — they make a big difference. When unsure, know that our dedication drives change, brightening lives and the future. As leaders, our contributions matter. Keep pushing for new ideas and growth.

Gladwyne Animal Hospital | gladwyneanimalhospital.com

It is my mission to support my fellow female veterinarians in balancing their personal and
professional lives, and to let all women know that they can follow their dreams, whatever they may be. Never let perfect be the enemy of good; just get started and keep putting one foot in front of the other. The journey is just as important as the destination.

LAUREN SZKOLNICKI, Marketing Manager & Designer
Family Focus Media | familyfocus.org

There is always something new to learn.

VICKI TASIOPOULOS, Owner & Licensed Esthetician
The Skin Artisté | theskinartiste.com

Strong women shape the world with grace and strength. Keep breaking barriers and inspiring others. You’ve got this!

SARAH TODD, Co-President & Director of Operations
Well Rooted | wellrootedpa.org

It is an honor to be listed among such influential women who saw a need and decided to “Be The Change” instead of standing on the sidelines.

LILY TOOHER, Marketing & Community Outreach Manager
Eadeh Enterprises | eadeh.com

Stand up for yourself and stand up for the women around you.

ESZTER TOTH, Photographer
Eszter Toth Photography | esztertothphotography.com

Embrace your uniqueness.

JENNIFER TROPED, Clinical Esthetician
Tina Ho MD Facial Plastic Surgery | drtinaho.com

It is important to surround yourself with people that value and support you.

HEATHER TURNER, Founder & Owner
The Law Office of Heather L. Turner, LLC | heatherturnerlaw.com

Do what you are passionate about and the rest will follow. Reach out to your network; people are helpful. Take a break when needed; you will work better after.

MONISHA VORA, Glaucoma & Cataract Surgeon
Kremer Eye Center | oomc.com/kremer

It is imperative that we advocate for inclusion. This is something I practice daily and teach to my children, as well.

DAWN ELYSE WARDEN, Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations
KenCrest | kencrest.org

It’s okay to feel lost sometimes; stop comparing and create your own definition of success instead. You got this!

LINDSAY WARK, Realtor BHHS Fox & Roach Mulholland
Peracchia Group | instagram.com/lindsay_wark/

Stop prepping to prep, start now. Make mistakes and grow through the process. It won’t be easy, but it’s not meant to be.

ALEXANDRA WACHMAN, Senior Manager, Public Relations
Comcast | xfinity.com

Be kind. Give back. Stand up for what you believe in. Inspire change. Keep trying. Be yourself. You can do hard things.

JENNIFER WARNER, Creative Writer & Media Strategist
Experience Chiropractic | jenwarnerwrites.com

“What we know matters, but who we are matters more.” – Brené Brown

Lulu’s Casita | Luluscasita.com

Success is about living a life that makes you truly happy, knowing your own worth and staying true to yourself.

Main Line Parent is published by a team of local women to connect families raising their kids around the Main Line and Philly’s western suburbs with resources, events, and each other. Learn more about us, our mission, and our method for supporting local businesses at familyfocus.org.