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Dr. Brandie Elizabeth Keates, Founder and CEO, Experience Chiropractic and Bloom @ Experience

Family Focus Media is proud to recognize Dr. Brandie Elizabeth Keates with a Women of Influence award.

Dr. Brandie Elizabeth Keates, Founder and CEO, Experience Chiropractic and Bloom @ Experience
“Dr. Brandie has made it her life’s mission to disrupt the prenatal care status quo. Over the course of her career, which includes work as a paramedic, her chiropractic education, work as a sports chiropractor, and the opening of her own practice, she discovered an industry-wide need for improvement in the care of expectant mothers. This experience, coupled with her own pregnancy trials, lit a fire within Dr. Brandie, inspiring her to open a prenatal division within her practice, Bloom @ Experience Chiropractic. She has also carefully curated her own prenatal standard of care, ‘The Bloom Philosophy,’ which is the heart and soul of her groundbreaking book, ‘What You Don’t Expect When You’re Expecting.’ Dr. Brandie has been honored with [numerous] awards and strives to champion her patients through their individual pregnancy journeys with fierce advocacy. She’s not only out to influence change, she exists to put an end to the notion that women are supposed to accept pain as the norm and keep on going.

Jen Warner

Friend and co-worker

Meet Brandie

Driven by a passion to help people live the life they love without the pain, Dr. Brandie Keates (formerly Dr. Brandie Nemchenko) opened Experience Chiropractic in 2003. The center was different from the beginning. Its doctors were specially trained in sports medicine and the practice offered cutting edge modalities. Her own difficult pregnancy led her to become certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and open Experience’s prenatal practice Bloom @ Experience Chiropractic. One of the guiding principles in her life is to try to see everything in life as an opportunity for growth and elevation.

A Career Pivot for Brandie

Brandie credits her two children for the inspiration and direction of her professional life. She founded Experience Chiropractic after her daughter sustained an injury as a baby and received life-changing chiropractic care. When she witnessed first-hand how chiropractic care was the solution for her daughter, she was amazed and incredibly grateful. She became “immediately and immensely inspired to become that solution” for other people. So after a successful career as a paramedic, she pivoted and three years later, opened her own practice, Experience Chiropractic.

Another Challenge

While pregnant with her second child, Brandie was challenged yet again to grow as a chiropractor and business owner. During a routine treatment, she sustained an injury that “thrust” her into the the high-risk pregnancy category. She sought help from multiple prenatal practitioners, but couldn’t find the support she needed. She was frustrated her with what she saw as attempts to “normalize pain, immobility, and uncertainty in pregnancy.”

Once again, she was called to action. After obtaining certification, she opened Experience’s prenatal practice Bloom @ Experience. What’s more, she’s developed her a specialized standard of care to provide relief from the prenatal and postpartum discomfort that so many women experience during and following pregnancy. Says Brandie, “Through my decades of practice and my own personal pregnancy trials, I carefully curated The Bloom Philosophy, of which all Bloom doctors are practitioners.”

Communities and Opportunities

Brandie believes that the mindset of seeing challenges as opportunities has opened countless doors for her and forged irreplaceable connections.

“My children are grown now, but remain my inspiration to this day,” says Brandie. My hope is that I’ve shown them that it isn’t our trials that define us, but rather our response to those trials.”

She also believes those connections are where incredible ideas are born and communities are formed.

“For 20+ years I’ve connected with community members both personally and professionally in ways that support both of our growth. My relationships with patients, small business owners, entrepreneurs, community members, and others have been built and bridged by our human experiences, and what we’ve done with the hand we’ve been dealt. I’ve had the honor of a lifetime to be a part of the journeys of some truly incredible humans and I’m eternally grateful for that.”

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