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AIM Academy emphasizes college readiness. High school students' desks are arranged like a college classroom.

Serving children with learning differences in grades 1–12, AIM Academy prepares and supports their college-bound students with AIM Forward and AIM Advantage

Has summer camp planning fallen to the back-burner? YOU'RE IN LUCK! There's still time to reserve summer camp for your kids!

Meet Andrew, the original "Buddy", who makes biscuits on a mission for awareness.

The Phebe Anna Thorne School offers traditional classes and specialized programs for children with speech and language-based difficulties.

These fun and enriching experiences are made more accessible for kids with autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder, and other sensitivities

CADES Inclusive Playground and Music Garden

Looking for playgrounds where everybody can play? These accessible playgrounds have something for children of all abilities.

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