Paper cutouts of top hat, glasses, mustache and pipe to represent dads on Father's Day.

Looking for something special to do on Father's Day? We gathered a few ideas to help you celebrate Dad's big day!

The Juneteenth holiday celebrates the day when the Union Army freed the last enslaved people in Texas in 1865. Commemorate the anniversary of June 19, at one of these Juneteenth events!

Get to know our Main Line Parent Members!

Main Line Summer Camp Guide

Your 2022 Main Line Parent guide to finding the best summer camp for your child.

Since we can't gather with you for a Camp Fair in person this year, our team is bringing Main Line Parent Camp Partners' Directors and Staff DIRECTLY to you!

Meet the Main Line Parent Camp Partners and read their stories!

Moving to the Main Line Guide Presented by JL Entertainment Designs

Whether you're moving from the city to the 'burbs or relocating from out of state, the Main Line Parent Community can help you find the resources you need!

A move can be a difficult adjustment for little ones. Local realtor and Main Line Parent Community member, Nicole Klein shares her experience and words of wisdom to help smooth the way.

A local family-run business provides all the tech you need. Or want.

Main Line Parent Members make moving to the Main Line a breeze!

Main Line Education Guide

Whether you're looking at preschools, elementary, middle, or high schools, the Main Line Parent Community can help you find the right fit for your child!

There’s nothing quite like an open house and personal tour to get to know a school’s community when you’re searching for the right fit.

Meet the Main Line Parent Education Partners and read their stories!

Main Line Parent All Kinds of Kids Guide

At AIM Academy, innovative teaching leads to fearless learning.

You can rely on the support and services of these area organizations that not only advocate for children with special needs, but the people who care for them.

Meet the Main Line Parent Members who support All Kinds of Kids in our Community!

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