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Sudha Raman Medical Director, Nemours PA Specialty Care Network, Nemours Children’s Health System

Family Focus Media is proud to recognize Sudha Raman with a Women of Influence Award.

“Dr. Raman is a neonatologist by training and has cared for countless newborns in the Delaware Valley, many of them on the Main Line. The number of lives she has touched in her career is most certainly in the thousands and now, as a leader within Nemours Children’s, her efforts are helping the organization reach tens of thousands more children with critical specialty care services. Under her guidance, Nemours has expanded in the Main Line region with two new specialty care centers – one in Abington and another in Broomall. A third will open in Malvern in 2024. Dr. Raman will do anything and everything in her power to ensure that all patients feel welcome at Nemours, regardless of race, background or abilities. Her intelligence and dedication to her craft is only outweighed by her kindness. She is a true gem and deserves to be recognized for the indelible mark she has and continues to leave on families around the Delaware Valley.”

Jenna MacPherson

Work Associate

Meet Sudha

As the Medical Director, Nemours PA Specialty Care Network, Nemours Children’s Health System, Sudha considers herself fortunate to be an educator in the medical field. From a young age, she has always found happiness in helping others. A strong love of science and human biology, coupled with a natural curiosity to advance knowledge and innovation, led her to becoming a physician. She was drawn to Pediatrics, and eventually to Neonatal-Perinatal medicine, taking care of the most vulnerable population of neonates. Sudha volunteers and speaks at many local fundraisers, she was a keynote speaker for the March of Dimes “Walk for Babies,” and enjoys meeting parents and families at community events across the Mainline suburbs- Dining Under the Stars, Phoenixville Dogwood festival, Kids Fun Run at KOP, Trappe Community Fair etc.

Hard Work and Giving Back

Over the last eighteen years of practice in the Main Line suburbs, Sudha has been motivated and inspired to help women take care of their health during pregnancy, obtain access to adequate prenatal care, provide consultation to high-risk pregnancies and make a plan of care for their fetuses with complex congenital anomalies, thus positively impacting the health of their newborns from the beginning of life’s journey.   Sudha had the opportunity to lead a clinical service transition where her team established emergency room pediatric services in addition to neonatal services. By leveraging telehealth technology and advanced resources available at their main children’s hospital campus, she was able to support her team through this challenging transition. “Families and referring community pediatricians were very appreciative of the expanded pediatric services we could offer in this community hospital in the Main Line suburbs,” says Sudha.

Point of Pride

Sudha is proud of her commitment to Pediatric Specialty care, and for leading the meticulous planning and execution by her teams of providers, community liaisons, facilities planning and marketing teams, along with strong support from Nemours leadership. At a time when health systems are facing many constraints, Sudha is investing in creating the healthiest generations of children to come. “By meeting families in their own communities, and offering care locally, I know we can form meaningful relationships with community organizations and businesses that will work strongly together for the common good of children’

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