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Maria Rossi, Owner, Maria Rossi Fitness

Family Focus Media is proud to recognize Maria Ross with a Women of Influence award.

Maria Rossi, owner of Maria Rossi Fitness.
“Maria’s journey to becoming a woman of influence has been built on a burning passion for promoting health and wellness at any age. She inspires those around her to embrace a balanced and active lifestyle, and healthy eating with consistency and discipline. Maria’s advocacy for mental health in tandem with physical well-being, sets her apart as a beacon of inspiration. She recognizes that true transformation isn’t just about sculpting bodies, but also nurturing minds and being kind to yourself. Through motivational talks on Instagram and inspirational quotes, she encourages clients to adopt a positive mindset, helping them overcome obstacles and embrace self-love.

As Maria’s reputation has grown, she has become one of the most sought after fitness trainers in the Main Line! Her story serves as a powerful reminder that true influence lies not only in achievements, but in the positive impact once can create in the lives of others. Through her tireless efforts, Maria has proven that a fitness trainer can be a catalyst for change, inspiring countless individuals to live healthier, happier lives, and leaving a lasting legacy as a woman of influence in her community and beyond.”

Lauren Harfst

Fitness client

Meet Maria

Ask any of Maria Rossi’s clients and they will tell you she is so much more than a fitness trainer. She is transformational, inspirational, motivational, kind, compassionate, supportive, warm, enthusiastic, and so much more. Originally from Argentina, Maria is an an award-winning body builder who lives and breathes a healthy lifestyle. Her expertise, positivity, and holistic living philosophy is the foundation of her personal training, weight loss, and nutritional coaching business. She truly loves what she does and feels blessed every time someone reaches out to her for training and coaching.

The Path of Transformation

Encouraging individuals — of all genders — to feel like the best version of themselves has always been Maria’s passion, along with fitness. She is an optimist by nature and says she can see a person and picture in her mind how that person wants to look and feel about themselves. Her work is more than just workouts. As a trainer and a coach, Maria sees herself as a guide, and walks with her clients through the process of transformation. It’s a path she knows from personal experience.

“When I turned 40 and started competing in bodybuilding, I thought that decade was the end of my youth,” says Maria. “I hired coaches and nutritionists and went through dozens of fitness and nutrition certifications. I learned how to feel and look better than I did in my 20’s — a time when I had 11 competitions, including Nationals, under my belt. After that, I was able to apply everything I learned to my clients with incredible results.”

A Different Mindset

Maria says that physical transformations start from within and go “much deeper than the visible results.” Many times in her work with clients, she has observed that physical changes lead to higher self esteem. In turn, that leads to positive changes in that person’s relationships, work, projects, and general outlook on life.

“The mindset is different once the person starts believing in themselves,” she says. “Now they know they can achieve whatever they want if they have the patience and they put the hard work into it. In my opinion my ‘success’ is transforming lives, turning unhealthy habits into healthy ones.”

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