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Dr. Debbie Parnes, Orthodontist and Owner, Phamily Orthodontics

Family Focus Media is proud to recognize Debbie Parnes with a Women of Influence award.

Debbie Parnes, Owner, Phamily Orthodontics
“Dr. Debbie Parnes is the definition of a Girl Boss. She does it all and makes it look effortless: running a bustling orthodontic practice, caring for her three young kids, and giving back to the community in several capacities. She is a member of Give T/E’s 100 Women Who Give Alliance, plus she established an in-office fundraiser for the Children’s Dental Clinic, where we sell Liberty Bell tooth fairy pillows and 100% of the proceeds go to providing low or no-cost orthodontic care to local Main Line children who would not be able to afford it otherwise. She is a cheerleader for all of us here in the office and an inspiration. She definitely encompasses the meaning of a “Woman of Influence.”

Jen Wilkins


Meet Debbie

Debbie Parnes always wanted to work in a healthcare environment and to provide care to others. Initially on a pre-med track, she switched to orthodontics when realized she could combine her love of connecting with others and her interest in health, in a less stressful work environment than medicine. The ability to impact someone’s smile is an added bonus! What’s even more rewarding are the the connections she makes with patients and their family members. She loves working in orthodontics on the Main Line and meeting many wonderful people. She feels that it’s the meaningful connections that she makes at work that really drive her success and her brand where “every patient is Phamily.”

Prioritize Happy

Debbie purchased her practice when first child was only three months old. Those first months were very tough when she had to balance “two babies”. Luckily the doctor who sold her the business became her friend and mentor, who helped her navigate challenges both professionally and personally. After the stress of undergoing IVF treatment and her second child was born, she suffered post-partum anxiety. The experience sparked her to make changes that ultimately improved her life for the better.

“After my daughter was born, I suffered through post-partum anxiety for the first few months. This changed my life. I became an advocate for vocalizing mental health challenges. I took hold of my own mental health. I became a better mother, friend, wife, and subsequently, a better business owner. I prioritized being happy. Happiness in the workplace is perhaps the most important thing, in my opinion, to my professional success.”

Two Phamilies

From that experience Debbie has established a team who embodies a happiness culture. They make a concerted effort to support one another through those inevitable moments of workplace stress. Creating that supportive, family-like work environment is essential to her work-life balance strategy — for herself and for her Phamily Orthodontics team members!

“The most important thing is that we are each happy when we enter our office and leave our office,” says Debbie. “Being a working mom will always have its challenges, but leaving my kids in the morning to come to a space where I am with my second “phamily” is a gift. I love that I look forward to going to work and look forward to going home. Never thought I’d be able to find that balance!”

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