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Allison McAllister, Owner, Something You Beauty Studio

Family Focus Media is proud to recognize Allison McAllister with a Women of Influence award.

Allison McAllister, Owner, Something You Beauty Studio
Allison changed my life five years ago. She found me on Instagram and sent me a message asking if I’d be interested in joining her company as a bridal hairstylist and makeup artist. To be honest, I was skeptical. I didn’t really have a lot of space in my calendar to take on more work, but I was desperate for a place where I could finally feel respected after years of feeling taken advantage of. I left that meeting and knew that my life was about to change.

Over the last five years, I got a better understanding of the business and saw how much of a dedicated and hard-working owner she truly is, with a heart for honesty, integrity, and loyalty above all else. Her drive to grow Something You reaches far beyond her personal success; she wants every single woman on her team to have the opportunity to grow and succeed in all aspects of their artistry, as well as their personal life outside of work. She also has created an incredible space for clients to feel welcomed and respected. Allison’s leadership and judgement have afforded me the ability to be a full-time wife, mother, and artist all at once. I am so, so glad that I responded to those DMs all those years ago. Allison has been one of the biggest women of influence in my life outside of my immediate family. She deserves this award!”

Hayley Atella


Meet Allison

Allison McAllister is a mom of four young boys who started her business so that she could spend more time with them. Motivated by the desire to create a better work-life balance, she has established a full bridal business, providing hair and makeup services for over 200 weddings per year, along with a thriving full-service salon on the Main Line. One of the most rewarding aspects of her business is that she employs more than 20 women, with 15 of them being moms or moms-to-be.

“Witnessing these incredible women finding a balance between work and family fills me with immense satisfaction and drives my success,” says Allison.

Making It Happen

Years ago, Allison had a corporate job that genuinely enjoyed. But after she had her first child, she found it “soul-crushing” to leave him each day. She knew she needed to find a way to earn an income, while still being present for my son and my growing family. With the unwavering support of her husband, she decided to turn her side business — providing wedding hair and makeup services — into a career.

“Taking that leap of faith has been one of the most rewarding choices I’ve made,” says Allison. “It has been 11 years now and I can confidently say that my risk has paid off, not only for me but for my family as well. Being able to be home has allowed me to be present for my children and actively participate in their lives, which has brought immense joy and fulfillment to both me and my family.”

Points of Pride

With Something You Beauty Studio, Allison has not only created an income opportunity for herself as a stay-at-home mom, but for other women as well. She says, “I’ve created an opportunity where these incredibly talented moms are able to stay home during the week with their children and make a full-time income working 10-15 hours per weekend at weddings.”

Another major goal for Allison was to create a better-run salon where stylists work in a safe and respectful work environment, with a strong team culture. In her younger years, she had endured terrible salon business practices, surrounded by mean-spirited colleagues and apathetic salon owners. She set out to make a positive change and set a new standard in the industry with Something You Beauty Studio. When she thinks about her accomplishments, she’s most proud of having created a positive work environment that’s flexible enough for stylists to spend time with their families AND still earn a good income.

“Seeing the positive impact I’ve made on the lives of these amazing women is my most significant achievement and what keeps me going every day,” say Allison. “Their happiness and fulfillment in their careers inspire me to continue pushing boundaries, breaking industry norms, and striving to improve the lives of those around me.”

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