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The Handwork Studio is an arts and crafts camp, class and workshop space where kids learn by making. Woodworking, Baking, Fiber Arts, Machine Sewing and Fashion DIY for kids.


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The Handwork Studio

Handwork Studio logoThe Handwork Studio is a kids' needle arts and fashion studio. Their purpose is to pass down the tradition of teaching fiber and needle arts skills, such as: knitting, crocheting hand and machine sewing, embroidery, quilting, fashion and crafts in a fun and relaxed environment. Studio staff includes professional artists, instructors and skilled teachers, dedicated to making each student feel accomplished and excited by what they have created.




2020 LOVE Family Favorite Place to Learn How to Sew

Family FavoriteA Main Line Parent Community member shared: "Amazing classes with individual attention and in a cozy charming space. Both the classes and summer camp are perfect for anyone who loves sewing and craft projects."



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