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Helping moms, primary caregivers, and organizations navigate a path toward transformational growth.


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Coral Edwards Coaching

Coral Edwards Coaching helps moms, primary caregivers, and organizations navigate a path toward transformational growth. Navigating modern motherhood isn’t easy—and it takes both systemic and individual support to make a real difference. Coral offers 1:1 coaching, group workshops, and organizational training that empowers moms and primary caregivers to find a sustainable path forward.

Partnering with organizations to facilitate systemic change is a key part of her work. As an ICF-certified coach, her evidence-based approach facilitates a compassionate environment for powerful insights and growth.

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Coral Edwards Coaching 7 reviews

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7 reviews
  • Gwendolyn

    Coral supported me during a pivotal moment in my life. As a first time mom and woman of color, I was struggling with my identity as I embraced newness of family and transitions in my careers. Coral provided a space for deep reflection and never minimized my feelings or life experiences. I felt very comfortable sharing with Coral and that was because I felt her to be relatable given her (observed) identities as a mom and educator. I found Coral to be compassionate, kind, non judgmental, and gentle which I desperately needed during one of the most vulnerable times in life and parenting journey. 10/10 recommend Coral Edwards Coaching

  • Sarah

    I have recommended Coral to just about every human being who will sit still long enough for me to get the words out. As someone with a busy career and small children I was feeling scattered and in need of more support, and Coral has helped incredibly. I look forward to our sessions, I think about them afterwards and use them to make real changes in my life. Using Coral for coaching is a gift you can give yourself.

  • Arina

    I recently had the privilege to work with Coral Edwards as my personal coach, and to say it was transformative would be an understatement. From the very first session, Coral created an atmosphere of trust and openness that allowed me to be completely candid about my challenges and aspirations. Her non-judgmental and understanding demeanor made it easy to share and reflect on my experiences.

    One of Coral’s standout qualities is her uncanny ability to discern aspects about me that I had been blind to. It felt as if she had a unique gift, almost like a sixth sense, that made her pick up on facets of my character and potential that had been hidden or overlooked. This skill, combined with her impressive repertoire of evidence-based tools, helped me find ways to move forward, especially when I felt stuck. Whether it was navigating through conflicts or maximizing both my personal and professional life, her techniques were insightful and genuinely effective.

    Coral’s dedication to empowering moms, primary caregivers, and professionals is evident in her coaching style. And as someone who fits the bill of a “busy professional mom,” I can attest that her services are invaluable. I would not just recommend, but would 1000% endorse Coral Edwards Coaching to anyone looking to make meaningful strides in their personal and professional journey. Whether you’re a mom trying to navigate the complexities of modern motherhood or a professional seeking a more fulfilling path (or both), Coral will guide you with empathy, expertise, and genuine passion.

  • Lindsay

    Coral was amazing from day one. Our chemistry call got me so excited for the work we were gong to do together. She asked thoughtful, non judgmental questions to help guide me on my journey. Her evidence based tools gave me a practical way to put her guidance into practice by making me more mindful of and in tune with what my head and heart were telling me.

  • Dipti P.

    Coral offers a wonderful service to working mothers. She is a great coach; her sensitive listening skills have supported me through some internal struggles. I deeply value the time we spent together and the advances she helped me make in my career right as I was finishing a degree, being a mom to a three-year-old and discontent with a job that I had been at for less than a year. I wouldn’t be this far along in my goals or have this much courage to make a change without her support.

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