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~Graphy Academic Tutoring and Writing Support

~Graphy is a comprehensive academic tutoring and writing support service founded by Dr. Nathaniel Jezzi in 2014.


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~Graphy Academic Tutoring and Writing Support

~Graphy is a comprehensive academic tutoring and writing support service founded by Dr. Nathaniel Jezzi in 2014. With twenty years of experience and training as a university educator, academic philosopher, editor, and tutor, Nathaniel has helped hundreds of students improve their academic performance and prepare for the steps ahead. Nathaniel has held appointments at Lafayette College, Bard College, the University of Aberdeen, Cornell University, and the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. ~Graphy’s services are designed to meet the individual needs of students from middle school through college. Whether your student is struggling with a particular subject or assignment–or needs support across all of their courses–Nathaniel can develop a plan to help them gain confidence, grow intellectually, and thrive as independent learners.

Please get in touch for a free consultation!
Phone: 484-682-2209


Nate will be hosting a short Zoom introduction and mini-workshop on Saturday, September 9th at 10:00 a.m. for families who would like to meet him and learn more about his services.

Families can join the meeting with this link. If you would like to receive the link and a reminder via email, please register here (https://www.graphywritingsupport.com/contact).

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    Kathleen F.

    Nate is an exceptional tutor! He is caring, patient, and insightful. He made sessions fun and knows how to reach students. My daughter struggled with the transition from middle school to high school. She did all of her assignments and was working hard, but she lacked confidence and wasn’t getting good grades. Nate quickly diagnosed the issues and worked with her every week. In a short time, her comprehension and writing skills improved – and so did her grades! We are thankful for Nate’s support. Our daughter in college has also started to work with him on more advanced writing and study skills. We can’t recommend him strongly enough!

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