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Summer at AIS | The Agnes Irwin School

Summer at AIS, at The Agnes Irwin School, is excited to kick off a fantastic 2024 season!


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Summer at AIS | The Agnes Irwin School

Summer at AIS, at The Agnes Irwin School, is excited to kick off another fantastic summer season! They offer athletic camps, academic enrichment, and traditional day camp opportunities for both boys and girls, ages 3 years-old and up.

Visit the website for more information and registration!

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Summer at AIS | The Agnes Irwin School 1 review

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1 review
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    Larissa B.

    Mikayla B. (Class of 2028) absolutely LOVED the summer reading class! She met a new best friend, who was new to AIS, virtually. She was more engaged in the summer reading book, which is now an all-time favorite, in part, because she was able to experience the chapters with friends. Mikayla really enjoyed the French segment, and wished it was longer. It gave her a small space to confidently explore this entirely new language outside of the school setting, where the focus shifts throughout the day. As a parent, I noticed the same confidence in Mikayla after the math experiences. She started 5th grade knowing a few middle school teachers, having maintained interactions with old (and new) friends, and focused on her self-paced curiosity to propel her confidence before middle school started. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the 2020 Summer program and the amazing facilitators. We will definitely be back in 2021 and encourage other parents/students to consider it as well!

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