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Spanish Workshop for Children | Best Language Programming – 2023 LOVE Awards

Spanish Workshop for Children is a Spanish immersion program for children (15 months and up).


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Spanish Workshop for Children | Best Language Programming – 2023 LOVE Awards

Spanish Workshop for Children is a Spanish immersion program for children (15 months and up). Children are surrounded by the sounds of the Spanish language using their immersion multi-sensory approach that stimulates every child’s natural learning style. All classes are taught in full-immersion Spanish in order to build confidence, motivate students and enhance language skills.

By meticulously combining language input from the teacher with a focus on genuine communication as opposed to language form, the program is carefully calibrated to match children’s developmental needs at every stage of the growth process. It embraces the notion that each child is unique and learns in his or her own way. It then incorporates teaching methodologies and modalities that meld with the various learning styles.

Spanish Classes are located in Blue Bell PA, Bryn Mawr PA, and Philadelphia PA, as well as Online Virtual Spanish Classes for Children."

2023 LOVE Award Winner: Best Language Programming 

Family Focus Media has been building community with Main Line Parent and Philadelphia Family since 2010 and our annual LOVE Awards celebrate the BEST local resources for families, thanks to thousands of nominations like this one:

"Excellent immersion program for Spanish Language Studies, catering to toddler age through teen, and adults. My son has attended 2 years now. They offer all the infrastructure and care of a preschool, right down to snack time and parent-teacher meetings. Classes offered with flexible scheduling options and 1-3 hr classes every day of the week. The teachers are caring and very invested in helping your child learn. Immersion method is very effective especially when children start young. Director, Marcela, has a lot of heart, and does all she can to facilitate clients' satisfaction with the program. Teaches are very communicative and earnest about their mission to teach."

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"Having studied French & Spanish from age 12 through college (with some Italian and German), I was thrilled to discover a way to give my son a solid foundation toward his later conversational or fluent capability. My 3yo is a summer birthday and, after COVID isolation, he had a difficult time adjusting to starting preschool this past fall. The other school he was in failed to help him acclimate, actually called him a "bad boy," and told me to test him for special needs. My son was a shell of his former happy self, and I was devastated that he had been treated so poorly. I switched him to Spanish Workshop for Children, and his new teacher there made him feel safe and comfortable from the very first class. Maiestra Neu's patience and caring reached my son and allowed him to feel secure. It is amazing to me how a teacher who immerses him in Spanish language every class (with very little English), was able to bond with him, and get him participating as well as kids 1-2 years older than he. My son was tested and found not to have special needs; he just needed basic kindness and a nurturing environment, and we found all of this and so much more at Spanish Workshop for Children. Not only did the happy thriving light in my child's eyes come back, but he begs us not to have to leave after every class, and talks about his teacher nonstop. He is happier than ever at this school, and it's been a godsend for us. As for his language ability, I see him making linguistic connections when we read stories, which is amazing to me, and which I know will serve him well as he grows. Because of the language barrier of the immersion method, my son is picking up vocab words organically, as a native speaker would, and he is also really into reading facial expressions and social cues, which, in the absence of English, is a key part of following his teacher's instruction. The student-teacher ratio for his classes has been 3:1 or 4:1, which is as good as or better than the top private preschools we've toured. We are so happy with this school and this program, and very appreciative that their Bryn Mawr location is so close to us. I know my son is going to remember Maiestra Neu for the rest of his life, as an early nurturer, and the start of his Spanish journey. I think the Main Line is so lucky to have this resource as an early-start language opportunity. Children as young as 15mos can begin exposure to Spanish, getting the accent, cadence, and vocabulary into their heads, and all with a wonderful caring staff, who puts so much heart into every kid."

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Blue Bell PA, Bryn Mawr PA, and Philadelphia PA, as well as Online Virtual Spanish Classes for Children
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Spanish Workshop for Children | Best Language Programming – 2023 LOVE Awards 2 reviews

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2 reviews
  • The Dowman

    I cannot find the words to express how happy we are with the entire team at Spanish Workshop for Children. We absolutely love everything about Spanish Workshop for Children.

  • Claudia V.

    I learned about Spanish Workshop for Children when my daughter was 18 months. The schedule was convenient, so I signed her up. Three years later I am still blown away by the quality and high standards set for the kids. I love that the class is fully in Spanish (instead of a “live translation” type class), the teachers are engaging, funny, nurturing and present very interesting content and supporting materials. We have tried other classes, but this is the one I can highly recommend.

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