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Joyful Connections provides parent mentoring and advocacy for families of neurodivergent children.


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Joyful Connections

By providing encouragement, education, and resources in both home and community settings, the Joyful Connections approach focuses on daily tasks and activities that can be challenging for families who are managing developmental and behavioral concerns. Their long-term goal is to meet the needs of the neurodivergent community by empowering caregivers and families to become their own agents of change. Through mentoring and advocating for optimal services and support, they strive to maximize every family's opportunity to engage and participate in their community.

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1 review
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    Kerri has provided an incredible experience for my children with Autism. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a plethora of information to share and implement. She applies all of her knowledge base into her work, and it can be seen with the success of the children. She individualizes to the child’s needs and the family’s needs as well. Kerri takes the time to build positive relationships and rapport with the children she works with and their families. She provides incredibly helpful techniques and strategies that are research based and effective. Kerri shows ingenuity in order to help even the more challenging needs of children. Not only does she help on the ground by modeling and guidance with the child; but she is sure to help the adult working with the child to understand how to carry out the strategies in order to ensure long lasting effects. It has been an incredible opportunity to have worked with her and I give my greatest recommendation to any future families.

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