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Nurtured Nursing – Classes, Support Groups, and Encouragement for Breastfeeding Mamas

Every nursing mother needs support. Where and how to find it all around the Main Line.

As women, our bodies have miraculous capabilities. To grow, bear, and nurture a child is a beautiful gift. It can also be a challenge like no other, with unexpected, life-altering transformations to body, mind, and spirit. And simply because we have the ability to carry and birth a baby, the reality is not guaranteed to come easily. Difficult and uncomfortable moments in pregnancy, and certainly during birth are expected. But once our babe is in our arms, it’s time to relax into a milky haven where breastfeeding, “the most natural thing in the world,” will be a cinch. Right? NO! For some mothers, nursing does go like a dream. For many, from difficulty latching, to limited milk production, to maternal exhaustion, to lack of support, challenges to breastfeeding mamas run the gamut. But don’t give up! Sometimes all you need is an expert to offer an easy fix or a circle of encouraging friends. Support groups, classes, consultations and resources abound to help you cope, before and after your baby is born.

Lifecycle WomanCare, Bryn Mawr

Lifecycle WomanCare, formerly The Birth Center, is a hub of women’s health. From prenatal breastfeeding classes, to individual lactation consulting, to support groups, the goal of LWC is to help women find success and enjoyment in nursing their babies.

Breastfeeding Resource Center, Wayne

A non-profit, community-based center, BRC provides in-patient hospital lactation programs, connection to International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, free support by a trained Community Counselor, free weekly support group meetings with weight checks, retail such as bras, tops, and pump parts, and more!

Main Line Family Education, Devon

Main Line Family Education provides evidence-based education, support, and community for both parents-to-be and young families. From breastfeeding classes to new-mom meetups and more, MLFE is designed to help guide expecting and growing families in all things baby.

Gathered Birth, Media 

Gathered Birth nurtures and empowers women, families, and the community through holistic, evidence-based education and support. Find breastfeeding classes and support, including the option for private, virtual classes.

After the Stork, Philadelphia Area
After the Stork’s doula service is committed to supporting new mothers in all ways, including lactation and breastfeeding assistance and support, even helping with sterilizing pumping equipment and preparing bottles of breastmilk. After the Stork provides a complete postpartum service, easing new motherhood with help in light housekeeping, sleep schedules, organizing the nursery, and empowering you as a parent.

Well Born Baby, Havertown

Well Born Baby is a team of certified birth and postpartum doulas, childbirth educators and lactation consultants. Breastfeeding classes cover topics like basic breast anatomy and how to latch a baby. Lactation consultation is also available.

Motherborn, West Chester 

Motherborn is International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Dana Ehman, offering lactation consulting, breastfeeding education, prenatal breastfeeding classes, postpartum services, mom groups, and more. 

La Leche League of Eastern Pennsylvania

La Leche League is an international, nonprofit organization with local chapters dedicated to providing support, encouragement, information, and education to nursing mothers. More connection and community for breastfeeding women can be found in the La Leche League Facebook group.

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