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Main Line Hometown Heroes

From supply drives to birthday parades, Main Line residents are reaching out to help neighbors in need. Tell us your Hometown Hero story!

“When you have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher fence.”


During hard times it is easy to only see the negative in the world around you. But if you look closely, and let the good find you- I promise there are people out there making the best of a bad situation. I have found small local businesses donating their time and resources to making personal protective equipment for health care and EMS workers, restaurant owners placing supply orders for toilet paper and sanitizer for people who couldn’t buy it and setting up contact-less take out options, small business owners breaking out of the box to create products and avenues for reaching customers that they might never have thought of before. We rounded up the ideas of our Business Members and Friends for you!


No contact takeout, photo courtesy of 30 Main.


The term ‘Main Line’ comes from the collection of suburbs that built up around the Pennsylvania Railroad which connected the towns along the train line to Center City- the history of our own name is based upon connection! So during these times of social distancing, working from home, and the closure of all non-essential business it comes to me as no surprise the increase of unique ways people are trying to stay connected. I have gotten invitations to participate in virtual photography scavenger hunts, ideas to place drawings in our windows for kids to find when they are driving, families coloring with chalk on their driveways and sidewalks to say hello pedestrians we aren’t able to interact with. We have been forced to get creative with how we celebrate birthdays, too! Birthday parades are now a thing, where families drive by the birthday child’s house with signs, music, and singing Happy Birthday out of the windows.


Photo of cloth masks made by Sew Much Cooler.


If you find yourself with some extra time on your hands there are ways you can help others, too! Our friends at Sew Much Cooler and The Handwork Studio have information about making masks for hospital and EMS workers. You can organize a curb-side food drive for your neighborhood where donations are left in a bag at the end of your driveway and a volunteer picks them up to bring to the food pantry. Drop off supplies of PPEs you don’t need at home, non perishable goods, and cleaning supplies to your local fire department.


Our family has had a lot of conversations about the people who are still going to work to keep us safe and healthy, and how grateful we are to them for what they do. My daughter was surprised to see the garbage truck in our neighborhood this morning and expressed how happy she was that they were allowed to do their jobs, so that people don’t have to live with a build up of waste. We have a broader definition of the word hero now- including every single person who works inside a healthcare facility (or outside if you’re one of the drive-up testing places!), the scientists and researchers working towards treatment and a vaccine, our elected officials on a local and national level that are doing their best to keep us safe and healthy, and so many more. And let’s not forget the warehouse workers at places that are shipping our necessities (and impulse purchases…), and the people of all ages working at the grocery stores keeping shelves stocked and even coming in to somewhat close contact with people at the checkout counter!


So in thinking about these people, these heroes, we want to hear from YOU! Comment here to tell us about your local hero, or send it to us via email if you prefer. You can find me at pamela@familyfocus.org all day, every day (literally- it’s not like I’m going anywhere!). Or post a photo on Instagram and tag #mainlineparent so we can share it.


Header image photo of the supply drive for the Berwyn, Paoli, and Radnor Fire Companies courtesy of Carrie Kauffman.


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  • Colleen Decker March 26, 2020

    My local hero is Joy Pratt (not on FB and SUPER modest). She’s a neighbor and friend who started sewing masks as soon as the need arose. She has been staying up super late because during the day she is taking care of her school-age girls and trying to keep her business afloat.

    She does this without the need for glory – she just wants to help. She’s always been a helper, a do-er, an all around selfless person. On top of everything else, she takes amazing care of her elderly parents who live up the street. I see her walking down with homemade meals or treats for her Dad…

    She has been in touch with the folks at Main Line Health to ensure that her masks comply with their regulations and has been a point person for drop-offs…

    Please let me know if you need any more info!!