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You’ve Been Challenged: ‘Minute To Win It’ Style!

Step away from the computer, gather up some supplies, and challenge your kids. Let's see who's stayed in their best shape during lockdown!

Nearly every activity during quarantine has been virtual, online, indoors, and our eyes are starting to hurt. Take a break from your screens and move around- and share it with us! We want to see your family’s ‘Minute To Win It’ videos!! Choose an activity, gather your supplies, and get the camera rolling. Share your successes and your bloopers, and be sure when you post your videos to Instagram you tag our brand and use our hashtag! For our Main Line Parent readers that would be @mainlineparent and #mainlineparent and if you’re in the city and usually tuning in to our sister site Philadelphia Family tag @phillyfamilymag and #phillyfamily. If you tag us we’ll share your videos on our Instastories, and your kids will think they’re famous. Our kids do when we share our team posts!


You can make a big chart to keep track of points if you choose, make a sort of “field day” out of several of these games. Names of each player down one side, names of the game across the top. Then assign points to each game for the winner of each one, less points for anyone coming in second, third, and so on. You can even decide on a prize for the winner, or just a family celebration afterward!


Need some ideas to get started? How about these:


Basket Knock-Down

Use a water bottle or cup to prop up one side of an upside down laundry basket (or bucket or box), then roll the balls trying to knock down the water bottle or cup so that the basket falls down. See the video for a how-to by R & M two of our Main Line Parent team kiddos!

Tennis Ball Toss

Grab a bunch of tennis balls and a bucket (laundry basket or Amazon shipping box also works) and set them up far apart from each other. Toss the tennis balls and see how many you can get in the bucket- in one minute.

Sponge Dash

Get some buckets and sponges or hand towels (if you don’t have those use a paper cup with a hole in the bottom!), fill one bucket with water and then leave one empty bucket per player played far away from the water bucket. Players have to fill their bucket using the sponge, towel, or hole-y cup. At the end of the race the player with the most water in their bucket wins!

Squirt Gun Car Race

Each player needs a squirt gun and a small race car. Use the squirting water to get the car to move on a flat surface like your driveway, sidewalk, patio, picnic table, etc.  Player who gets furthest wins!

Coin Stack

Time to dump out the piggy banks. Make a huge pile and each player has to make their own stack- using only one hand. Sounds harder than it is! At the end of one minute the player with the highest tower wins. You choose whether players must use all of the same coin, if the winner has the tallest tower or the one with the most coins, whatever you want!

Cup Stack

Get 36 plastic cups. You have one minute to stack and take apart a pyramid using all of the cups. This can be done solo or as a team!

Chopstick Race

Put a bowl filled with small round items in the center of your group, sit around it. Each player gets a cup and a set of chopsticks and has to grab the items from the bowl and transfer to their cup. At the end of a minute, the player with the most items wins. You can use mini marshmallows, Kix or other round cereal, craft pom poms, whatever you have!

‘Water’ Pong

Keeping it family friend here! Set up plastic cups with some water in them at both ends of a table, and give each player a bunch of ping pong balls. Set the timer for one minute and toss the balls in to the cups of water, the player who sinks the most balls wins!

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