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YMCA of Greater Brandywine Camp — Find Your Adventure

Campers love the weekly themes, swimming, outdoor adventures, and more at YMCA of Greater Brandywine!

male camper at summer camp holding a pickleball raquet

YMCA of Greater Brandywine Summer Camp is fun and adventurous. There are options for kids ages 3 – 15, and their eight locations are convenient, affordable, safe, and flexible!


Are you considering a YMCA of Greater Brandywine summer camp for your family? Here are some great reasons why you should!


Safe Environment

Prioritizing safety, with trained staff, Ellis-certified lifeguards, and adherence to strict safety protocols, parents can have peace of mind knowing their children well taken care of. Staff are trained to support the physical and mental needs of all campers and certified behavioral specialists are on hand to help support campers and counselors. 


Character Development

 YMCA camps focus on character-building activities, such as teamwork, leadership, and empathy. Through challenges and triumphs, campers learn valuable life skills that will serve them well into adulthood.


Outdoor Adventures

A wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, swimming, kayaking, and more are available to campers. These experiences not only promote physical fitness but also instill a deep appreciation for nature and the outdoors.


Social Interaction

Summer camp provides a unique opportunity for children to make new friends and develop social skills. Campers learn to communicate, collaborate, and resolve conflicts in a supportive community setting.


Unplugged Time

In today’s digital age, YMCA camps offer a welcome reprieve from screens and devices. Campers engage in face-to-face interactions, explore nature, and embrace the joys of unplugged play.


Confidence Building

From conquering a new activity or team challenge to performing in a talent show, YMCA camps empower children to step out of their comfort zones and build confidence in their abilities. Throughout the summer campers are recognized and celebrated for modeling the YMCA core values of respect, responsibility, caring and honesty.


Diverse Programming

YMCA camps cater to a variety of interests, from arts and crafts to sports and STEM activities. Campers have the opportunity to explore new passions and discover hidden talents. Students in traditional camps can enjoy a wide range of activities – while those interested in a specific program or topic will enjoy our specialized camps on topics such as theater, nature, sports and more.


This year the YMCA has expanded Camp Bumblebee, a camp dedicated to serving children in the adaptive community and ensuring they have a summer of adventure with their peers – but with additional support and lower ratios to ensure their individual needs are met. 


YMCA of Greater Brandywine summer camps are enrolling now and monthly open houses are available for families who would like to learn more. Please visit ymcagbw.org/camp to browse our extensive offerings or contact a member of our team. More than 3,000 campers across Chester County enjoy YMCA summer camp each year! Learn more at ymcagbw.org/camp


Do you have a camper that loves camp at YMCA of Greater Brandywine? Share your feedback with a testimonial for others to read!


YMCA of Greater Brandywine is an association of nine YMCAs that offer life-changing programs for children, families and adults throughout Chester County, Pennsylvania.