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Design Thinking: Find Out Why It Matters at Westtown’s School’s Innovation Day

Learn more at Westtown School's April 8 Innovation Day!

Design Thingking at Westtown School

Design Thinking encourages students to discover and understand real-world needs, and then collaborate on ways to meet them. They are asked to begin with questions like “Why?” or “How might we?” then to dig deeper, to interview, and to empathize.
This strategy of thinking challenges students to:
• Identify authentic problems
• Empathize
• Brainstorm solutions
• Design solution prototypes
• Acquire feedback
Leading to:
Confidence to challenge what exists
• Ability to self advocate
• An unconstrained enthusiasm to find solutions
• Awareness of the need for reflection
At Westtown School, innovation and design thinking start in Pre-K and continue through 12th grade.

Our future leaders will need to come up with solutions to problems that do not exist yet; problems that require an innovator’s mindset. Using Design Thinking principles in the classroom allows students to become adept at problem solving and equips them to enter today’s world with confidence. They will move beyond “out of the box” thinking — and instead discover there is no box.
We invite your 3rd through 5th grader to nourish their creative mindset with a day of design and innovation.

Innovation Day at Westtown School

Sunday, April 8,  1 — 3 pm
Register Here!

Photographs courtesy of Westtown School. 

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