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Solar Eclipse Events Around the Main Line

The eclipse happens on Monday, April 8th! Share in the excitement at a pre-eclipse event or a viewing party

On Monday, April 8, 2024 be sure to step outside between 2:08 pm and 4:34 pm and view the “Great North American” solar eclipse. That’s the time when scientists predict the moon will pass in front of the sun. Although the Philadelphia area will not see a total eclipse because we are not situated in the “path of totality,” we should still see about 90% of the sun eclipsed by the moon. An amazing sight that will not occur again until 2044!

As you probably know, it’s important not to look directly at the sun during the eclipse without protective eyewear. You can find eclipse glasses on Amazon, but if it’s too late get them before Monday, try your local library. And if you plan to attend a viewing party, the hosting organization will likely have eclipse glasses on hand. However, if all else fails, you and your family can construct a cereal box viewer, which will allow you to safely view the solar eclipse.

Share in the excitement of this rare celestial event, at one of these pre-solar eclipse events or viewing parties around the Philadelphia and Main Line area.

For even more viewing parties in the city, check out Total Solar Eclipse Watch Parties Happening Around Philly in our sister publication, Philadelphia Family.

Photo courtesy of Morris Arboretum & Gardens.

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