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Is Joining a Country Club Right for Your Family?

We look at the needs of families and the expectations of a club to break down what you need to know. Plus a list of local options!

In an area as green and open as ours, country clubs are all around us. Not every club is right for every family, but sometimes joining in and getting that membership is worth it. We broke down the details for you to see if joining a country club is right for your family.

Busy Bees

If your family is always on the go, a country club might just be the answer to a weekly dinner, especially with older children. Most clubs in the area have exclusive dining rooms that take the stress out of cooking and give your family a private place to dine together without having to cook the meal yourself. Oftentimes there are private rooms available for hosting a private party as well. Do you want to host your office for a meal? Need a space for your child’s birthday party? A country club will have these options for you so you needn’t plan a thing.


Many clubs host events for annual holidays, so that if you have guests visiting you can take them to the club rather than worry yourself over entertaining 10+ people. There are events in the summer for fireworks, special events for fun weekend enjoyment, and specific events to a club’s history. There’s never a dull moment, so you can leave the event planning to the professionals and enjoy yourself.

Personal Attention

Your children’s school might have sports teams, but personal lessons might be more up their alley. Each club is different, but you’ll typically find tennis lessons, swimming lessons, golf lessons, and more available to you with your membership. Do you have a new skill you’d like to learn? Take advantage of the mentorship from professional athletes you wouldn’t get anywhere else!

Community Building

Families new to the area or new to a town would benefit from a country club membership. It’s a great way to make new friends and connections. You’ll meet people in the area who are interested in the same things as you. Strike up a conversation with a friend in the yoga class, wave hello to the table dining beside you; your children will make friends by the pool and in fitness lessons. Many clubs also have book clubs, card playing clubs, and discussion panels to join in on as well. Children and adults alike can make new friends this way.


This goes without saying, but if you’re a family who enjoys to golf, then it’s probably worth joining a country club. Tee off at your reserved time and enjoy a relaxing day on the green. Your children can get experience caddying as well, which can lead to opportunities in the future.

The Investment

Each club has its own way of handling membership, but there are some common themes. When applying for a club membership, you can expect:


Different memberships for different needs: If you just want a place to eat dinner, there’s a membership for that. If you want dinner, access to the facilities, and tennis lessons, there is a membership for that. Research what works best for your family.


Fees and minimums: When you join a club, there is a joining fee, followed by a minimum spending payment which can be monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Know the cost before signing on to see if this is realistic for your family’s budget.


The assessment: Most clubs need to approve your family before joining in. You can expect to be interviewed by board members or employees of the club. Relax and be yourself, and all will be well.


Country Clubs around the Main Line


Aronimink Golf Club, Newtown Square


Photo by Edneil Jocusol from Pexels