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Magical Mary: A Local Child’s Wish Granted with Lilly Pulitzer to benefit CHOP

Make A Wish Foundation partners up with Lilly Pulitzer to grant the wish of a local girl, shop their new print Magical Mary this weekend!

I’m not sure if you see more Lilly Pulitzer clothing on the Main Line or in Palm Beach where the brand was started. It’s a closet staple for women and girls alike, drawing us in with bright colors and wild tropical patterns. Lilly Pulitzer has completed several patterns for their Print With Purpose mission, and recently partnered with our local Make A Wish Foundation to fulfill the wish of eight-year-old Mary.

Mary lives with her family on the Main Line and was granted a Wish. Make A Wish Board Member Andrew Smith had the chance to volunteer on this Wish and shares with us, “Mary is a really cool cat. She’s a big Jimmy Buffet fan and loves the movie Jaws, Surprisingly one of her wishes was to swim with sharks!” She and her family decided that instead of choosing one of the typical once in a lifetime experiences that the organization usually provides like a Caribbean or Disney vacation, that they would like their wish to have a longer lasting impact. A self-proclaimed Lilly fanatic, Mary asked if she could work with Lilly artists and designers to create her very own custom pattern. This pattern would be printed on select Lilly items and sold in stores and online- with a portion of the proceeds donated to Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania.

We are blown away at the selflessness of this little girl and had to share with our readers. We encourage you to shop at Lilly in Ardmore and King of Prussia on Saturday April 27 when Mary’s design debuts. Both of these locations will be donating 15% of ALL in store sales to the local Philadelphia, Delaware, and Susquehanna Valley chapter of Make-A-Wish Foundation. The pattern will also be available online, but it’s the in store sales that really help Make-A-Wish. The pattern is called Magical Mary and the features the favorite animal of most girls her age- a unicorn, as well as daffodils (a symbol of the American Cancer Society), and has the words “Mary’s Wish by Lilly Pulitzer,” “Mary,” and of course “Lilly” hidden in the art.

Smith tell us, “Every wish we grant is special… but the ones that really stick out in my mind are the kids who wish to pay it forward.” Pass the tissues!!

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