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La Salle College High School’s Concentrations Program: Fueling Student Passions in 2023

Giving students the freedom to decide, encouraging independence and motivation

La Salle College High School student and teacher in a science lab.

La Salle College High School in Wyndmoor, PA, continues to innovate its educational offerings with its continuation of the Concentrations Program for the current year. This groundbreaking initiative empowers students to explore and cultivate their passions by offering credentials and certifications in diverse career fields through a combination of coursework, electives, clubs, and hands-on experiences. The Concentrations Program has been revamped for 2023, learn all about its benefits, and the exciting pathways it offers to students.


male students having a conversation in a courtyard

Exploring the Concentrations Program

The Concentrations Program is designed to provide students with a customized educational journey that aligns with their interests and aspirations. Through this program, young men at La Salle College High School can:


  1. Expand Horizons: Students have the opportunity to enroll in new and exciting electives and participate in specialized seminars.
  2. Gain Real-World Experience: The program encourages off-campus experiences, the creation of portfolios, and the completion of capstone projects to bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  3. Explore Interdisciplinary Connections: The program’s main goal is to align students’ unique interests with the electives they choose, fostering connections across subject areas.

La Salle College High School students in a lab.

Concentration Offerings

La Salle College High School is proud to offer concentrations in the following fields:


  1. IT Professional: The IT Professional concentration introduces a range of new electives over a three-year period and provides students with real-world work experience, including internships and community service.
  2. Engineering: This concentration is ideal for young men with a passion for engineering, offering an array of courses and experiential learning opportunities.
  3. Global Business: For those interested in the world of business and commerce, the Global Business concentration provides a comprehensive curriculum and networking opportunities.
  4. Digital Media & Marketing: Immerse yourself in the world of digital communication, branding, and advertising, gaining expertise in online marketing strategies, social media management, content creation, and analytics.
  5. Music Production: Explore the art and science of music production, mastering industry-standard software and hardware, recording techniques, sound engineering, and music composition to bring your musical creations to life.



The Value of Concentrations

The Concentrations Program addresses a critical issue faced by many students: maintaining focus and purpose in their education. By giving young men a clear path and a reason to learn, this program transforms their approach to academics. Students gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter and discover meaningful connections between different disciplines.


Jim Fyke, La Salle’s principal, emphasizes the significance of this program, stating, “La Salle is defining pathways that students can take, offering new opportunities that will shape their futures.”


Building on Success

La Salle College High School’s Concentrations Program builds on the success of its Lab Manager Program, which has already helped students develop IT skills through mentoring. The new program organizes and expands upon this model, offering even more opportunities for students to grow and excel.


Future Expansion

Following last year’s launch, La Salle plans to add one to three concentrations each year. These may include certifications in Health Professional, Data Analysis and Statistics, and Non-Profit Management. This year the digital media & marketing and music production concentrations were added to the program.


Encouraging Individual Pathways

The genesis of the Concentrations Program draws inspiration from the evolving demands of colleges and workplaces. While the program formalizes pathways, it also encourages students to forge their own, motivated by what they learn and experience. La Salle aims to recognize and honor those students who complete their concentration journey with dedication and passion.


An Opportunity for All

The Concentrations Program is open to all students and promises to deepen their understanding, foster growth, and spark their commitment. It has also prompted the school’s faculty and administration to reevaluate the curriculum, seeking more points of connection and relevancy.


Igniting Passion

Participating in a concentration can provide capable young men with the spark they need to elevate their effort, critical thinking, and commitment. Developing expertise is not easy, but La Salle’s Concentrations Program paves the way for students to explore opportunities and pursue their passions with enthusiasm.


For more information about the Concentrations Program at La Salle College High School, please visit www.lschs.org/admissions/visit.


La Salle College High School is an independent, Catholic, college preparatory school for boys located in Wyndmoor. Through a broad and balanced, human and Christian education, La Salle College High School guides each student in the development of his unique God-given talents and fosters a commitment to academic excellence, service, and leadership.