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Happy Campers Stick with Mabel’s Labels!

Personalized, cute, and fun, Mabel's Labels ensure what goes to camp, comes home from camp. PLUS a discount code, just for you!

Mabel's Labels on shoes, water bottle, backpack, clothing, and other kids' belongings and summer camp items.

You’re probably starting to think about all the items on your summer camp packing list. Of course, any camp parent knows the importance of labeling all the stuff, but sometimes it’s overwhelming to know where to start. Name labels for camp have come a long way and at Mabel’s Labels, there are so many great options to keep labeling simple! From the Sleepaway Camp Label Pack and Custom Clothing Stamp, to the Iron-On Labels and Water Bottle Bands, the list goes on and on! Ready to order? We’ve got a 10% discount code for you! Use PHILLY10 and you’ll be well on your way to not losing anything this summer!

Why Label? 

Parents need to avoid the cost and hassle of re-purchases! Most camps mandate name labels to make it easy to return belongings back to their owner — especially sleepaway camps that offer laundry service. Luckily, Mabel’s Labels are always laundry-safe, making them the best option. Plus, name labels guarantee that what goes to camp will come home again.

What’s the Most Efficient Labeling Method? 

If quick and easy is the method for you, then you’ll want to get Mabel’s Labels Custom Clothing Stamp. It’s perfect for all items without a clothing tag and is fast — one press, no mess! Perfect for labeling socks, towels, bathing suits, and underwear.  

The Custom Clothing Stamp makes labeling quick and easy!

What About Sticky Labels?

The Sleepaway Camp Label Pack is the most popular choice for summer camp! Parents love this pack because it has everything you need to label clothing, footwear, swim gear, and sleepaway extras like toothbrushes, shampoo, chargers, and more. This pack includes 100+ peel and stick labels; they’re waterproof, laundry-safe, and ultra-durable, plus they’re tough enough to stick all summer long. The pack also includes a cute plastic bag tag!

Groovy! The Sleepaway Camp Label Pack in Tie-Dye.

Of course, Mabel’s Labels allow you to customize your font choice, colors, and fun camp-themed designs that your kids love! Plus, they’re super cute!

Speaking of Cute Things… 

Mabel’s Labels also offers Personalized Wooden Bag Tags. These rustic wooden rounds are a fun way to bring the spirit of camp to all the bags and luggage. Outdoorsy kids will love these and they make a great going-away gift to add onto all the new camp gear!   

Personalized Wooden Bag Tags add a woodsy, camp touch to your child’s gear.

Whichever form of labeling you choose, you’ll be sure to find what you need with Mabel’s Labels. They’ve been sending kids to camp for 20 years and are well respected by the top summer camps across Pennsylvania and beyond. So whether you’re a camp rookie or a camp veteran, you’ll need to stock up on name labels to ensure your camp gear stays in the right hands and comes home again!    

More Questions About Packing for Summer Camp?

Mabel’s Labels founder and mom of six, Julie Cole has some awesome packing hacks to share with you!



Mabel’s Labels is the best-known brand of durable labels for families. Their growing line of products features baby bottle labels, allergy and medical alert products, sports labels, household labels, and seasonal items. Mabel's Labels are extremely durable; they're laundry, dishwasher, and microwave-safe; and they’re 100% guaranteed.