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From Past to Present: Celebrating 60 Years of Community at Montessori Children’s House of Valley Forge

Alumni return to share their stories and how going to MCHVF is "all in the family"!

School building and large yard.

Established in 1963, the mission of Montessori Children’s House of Valley Forge (MCHVF) is to cultivate the innate love of learning and respect that young children have for themselves, their peers, and their environment in order to help them prepare for a life of integrity, academic accomplishment and purpose.


Over the years, the community that began in 1963 has stood the test of time as alumni students that have helped shape the school community have now enrolled their children at MCHVF.


In honor of their 60th Anniversary, they have connected with some of their alumni and asked them to share their stories of being a MCHVF student and now, with the younger generation continuing in their footsteps.


Family photo, Caucasian mother, father, and three children.

Julie Gosse

Julie Gosse’s early years at MCHVF helped instill a love of learning, curiosity, independence, and love of nature. She continued this love of learning and interest in life science through Conestoga High School, MIT, and ultimately with a PhD in Neuroscience from UCSF. In addition to lifelong learning, she is grateful to MCHVF for placing strong values in respect, kindness, and diversity. Julie’s three children, now elementary and middle school aged, have also had the opportunity to experience the same warm, nurturing environment and to each discover their own interests and unique way of learning. The life long friendships made at MCHVF have been a gift for the whole family as well.


two Caucasian brothers in front of a christmas tree.

Zack and Harry Highley-Gergel

Brothers Zach and Harry Highley-Gergel are alumni whose constant curiosity and excitement to learn all began at MCHVF! Zach, a 2023 MD Candidate at Sidney Kimmel Medical College and YouTuber, fondly remembers learning to cook at a young age. He also made lifelong friendships and has appreciation for the values instilled in him at MCHVF. Harry, a Water Resources Engineer, attributes the hands-on experiences at an early age to the exploratory work that he does today. Building towers, trying new tastes and exploring with sand and water were just some of the activities he fondly remembers. Zach and Harry are also proud uncles to an alumni niece and a nephew who are current students at MCHVF. Their niece and nephew are a part of our alumni heritage at MCHVF and demonstrate the strong connections from the past to the present. You can check out Zach’s YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/@ZachHighley


Caucasian family, two moms, two young children.

Melanie Moyer-Rosenberg

Melanie Moyer-Rosenberg’s alumni story also includes her father David, who served as President of the Board and played an integral part in finding the land and building the beautiful campus in Valley Forge National Historical Park. Melanie’s memories of MCHVF are fond ones, especially being in Mrs. Davida’s class. In a full circle moment, Melanie’s daughter is also in Mrs. Davida’s class, experiencing the same warm, nurturing environment her mother did all those years ago. And David was able to come back to the school he helped build this past fall to celebrate Grand-Friends day with his granddaughter!  The family is also looking forward to next year when their son joins the MCHVF family as well.


The intergenerational ties that are a part of the fabric at MCHVF are one of the many things that makes the school so special, and is a testament to their rich Montessori curriculum, tenured teachers and tight-knit community. If you would like to read more about their amazing alumni, please visit https://www.mchvf.org/alumni.


Montessori Children’s House of Valley Forge offers an extraordinary Montessori education delivered by nurturing teachers in beautiful Valley Forge National Historical Park. Take a virtual tour of at  https://www.mchvf.org/timeline/take-a-tour-of-mchvf. If you are interested in visiting in person and learning more about the programs they offer, please submit an inquiry form at https://www.mchvf.org/admissions.


Situated on 3.5 acres in the beautiful Valley Forge National Historical Park, MCHVF is a unique and breathtaking setting for kids ages two to six to begin their lives as students and global citizens. www.mchvf.org