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From Their Family to Your Home, Farryn Electric is Here to Help

Farryn Electric remains open to help with emergency repair and maintenance, with financing options to keep us safe in uncertain times.

As we are all staying home, it is more important than ever that we are safe, comfortable, and as connected as possible. For the foreseeable future, your home is now also your school, your office, and your full-day location. But having the whole family home all the time may also put a strain on your electrical system.


Dan Namerow, owner of Farryn Electric, cautions that a surge in use can lead to (or uncover the evidence of) an overloaded circuit, which can lead to loss of electricity or even an electrical fire—and should be addressed immediately. “Old wiring replacement, grounded receptacles needing circuits due to overloading are all items we should not live without,” he explains.


Along with their undeniable expertise and high-quality work, Farryn Electric has earned itself a reputation as a family company with a legacy of giving back to the community and caring for its customers. It is not surprising, then, that our community has voted them Best Electrician in the Main Line Parent LOVE Awards three years in a row, including this year. As our current public health (and economic) crisis has forced some of us to make difficult sacrifices, Namerow believes that delaying the steps necessary to maintain a safe and healthy home should not be one of them.


To that end, Farryn Electric is staying open during the COVID-19 crisis, deemed an essential business, determined to serve any way they can. They offer flexibility in four different financing options, including 0% interest for 24 months. Namerow adds, “Farryn offers a financing program like no other.  We have, not one, but four options so you can get that electrical work done in an affordable way… It really does open the door to so many possibilities!” Whether you are looking to make much-needed repairs—or perhaps make home improvements like landscape lighting, recessed lighting, or home automation—the decision can be made confidently with an eye toward the long-term, rather than the immediate concerns of liquidity and uncertainty.


With the unique fears that the COVID-19 outbreak has created, having someone in your home—even to do emergency maintenance—can seem daunting. Farryn Electric has always held the safety of their customers in the highest regard and has taken every step to ensure the health of your family and theirs. “With COVID-19, we have instituted all recommendations by the CDC,” Namerow reports. “Any employee with even the most minute cold symptoms are being sent home. All of our employees know not to offer a handshake. We will always stay six feet from you and your family. All employees have been taught proper cough and sneezing etiquette. All employees have been directed to the CDC website and links on how to remain safe. All employees have 70% alcohol wipes for themselves and your home’s surfaces, proper facemasks, shoe covers, and gloves. All employees have 60% hand sanitizer, as well.”


Farryn Electric is taking our current environment very seriously, and is dedicated to keeping its customers safe and secure despite the insecurity an unprecedented global crisis may bring. We are told to “shelter in place,” and the “shelter” part of that is where Farryn sees its mission. They want you to know the warning signs of an electrical fire hazard, and how to handle it properly without injury. To recognize an emergency, and know that they are available to fix it right away. You are not just their customers, you are their neighbors.


Farryn Electric can be found online at FarrynElectric.com, or by phone at 484-316-0449.



Lead photograph by Amrit Gluck, Perfectly Paired Photography. Farryn Electric supports the Main Line Parent Community.

Fully licensed and insured, Farryn Electric, LLC is a family owned and operated business that takes pride in being part of the community we serve.