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Meet Dan Namerow, Owner of Farryn Electric

A family legacy of hard work, giving back and caring for customers, continues.

Dan Namerow, along with his brother Jordan and sister Farryn, grew up in Havertown. The Namerows were well known in the community thanks to the family business, Jor-Dan Electric, a company founded and run by Dan’s father David, and named after both sons.


“My dad taught me the value of hard work, amazing salesmanship and the notion that we are not ‘pencil pushers.’  As electricians, we hold the lives of our customers in our hands making safety paramount,” said Dan.


It didn’t take Dan long to realize he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. As an apprentice under the direction of his father, Dan had become a certified electrician. He then worked for Jor-Dan Electric for five years before taking a job teaching courses on National Electric Code and Electrical Theory.


Dan’s wife Stephanie grew up in Broomall and, prior to forming Farryn Electric, was, a successful real estate transaction coordinator for Lake Nona Realty. Today, Dan and Stephanie have two beautiful daughters, Sophia who is nine and Lilliana who is six, and they are expecting a third child.


With the love and support of his wife and daugthers, Dan continued expanding his career, becoming a Lutron Certified Technician and getting his Master’s License from Lower Merion Township–he was in fact one of the youngest people to ever do so.


In 2012, Dan and Stephanie began discussing the idea of opening their own business. With Dan’s certifications and technical expertise and Stephanie’s creative talents, drive, and leadership they were confident they could be a successful team.


Of course it was a nerve wracking decision at the time, and they fondly remember those first months of handing out flyers the old-fashioned way, but six years later Dan and Stephanie’s company Farryn Electric, located in Springfield and lovingly named for Dan’s sister, is thriving.


“Our customers appreciate our attentiveness to their projects, respect for their homes or businesses, and mindfulness of their time. Our reputation for high quality work and friendly service is our company’s foundation, and we work hard every day to maintain it,” said Dan.

In addition to their high quality work and exceptional service, Farryn Electric, through Stephanie’s leadership, works to give back to the community.


Last December Farryn donated time, energy, and supplies to complete a $10,000 electrical improvement project for A Better Chance (ABC), Lower Merion–a non-profit providing, among other things, safe housing to low-income, minority high school students.


“Dan and his staff donated days of service to ABC removing old lighting, installing new fixtures, and adding outlets throughout the house. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for their service,” said Melissa Bollman-Jenkins a representative from ABC, Lower Merion.


Above all else, when Farryn is serving its clients, or helping with community projects, they value safety–both in their own practices and when it comes to educating their clients.


“Most of us go for an annual physical and take our cars in for regular service,” says Dan. “We should be giving the electrical systems in our homes the same attention.” Dan and his team recommend doing the following during an electrical system check-up:


  • Visually inspect your breaker box for wear and tear. While you’re there, make sure you know how it works and that it’s labeled correctly.
  • Double check outlets and powerstrips to make sure they aren’t overloaded.
  • Confirm that any extension cords being used are kept dry and aren’t running under carpeting.
  • Replace seasonal string lights that aren’t LED lights.
  • Make sure the lightbulbs in your lamps are the correct wattage.


If, at the end of your check-up, you find something that concerns you (or if you aren’t comfortable performing your own), call an experienced electrician. Having an annual electrical check-up, by a reliable company, might reveal problems an untrained eye could miss. Make sure your technician is insured, provides an estimate, and looks for the following:


  • An electrical panel that meets all current standards
  • Any receptacle that might be loose or have broken interior parts
  • Lights that chronically flicker
  • Light switches that are hot to the touch or arcing–a situation in which electricity jumps from one metallic part to another


Dan, Stephanie, and their team at Farryn Electric, can be found online at FarrynElectric.com, or by phone at 484-316-0449. From exterior lighting to generator installation, and even the latest in  communications wiring, they are serving their customers, and their community, with honor, commitment, and the highest quality work.


Photos by Amrit Gluck, Perfectly Paired Photography


Fully licensed and insured, Farryn Electric, LLC is a family owned and operated business that takes pride in being part of the community we serve.