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Summer Camp: Find Your Child’s Best Match

Planning a great summer of camp is easy when you have choices that fit your child's interests.

Remember when you were asked as a kid, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The question is simple, but loaded with expectations. What if you’d had help matching your interests to the perfect path?

You can do just that when you’re choosing a camp for your child, thanks to ESF Camps at the Haverford School. They have so many programs that it’s easy to customize a great experience. Start now: pick the profile that best fits your child, and you’ll have their perfect camp match.


The Aspiring Artist

This child makes art out of the smallest of things, from Popsicle sticks to clothes. They spend more time plating their food than eating it, and when a chance to perform pops up, they’re the first to jump on stage.

Their match: Specialty Major Camps
Fashion Design courses, production camps for theater and the performing arts, art studio time, culinary programs and more await at these expertly curated camp programs at ESF. No matter what they want to create, they can learn from expert faculty and turn their ideas into art.

The Daring Athlete

This active child thrives in situations where teamwork is required. Since they’re always moving, they need to expend their boundless energy the best way they know how: sports.

Their match: Sports Camp
“Sports camp is a great match for our 9-year-old son, because he can surround himself with talented coaches while having fun and teaming with his fellow camp friends,” ESF parent Traci Bertsch said. There are nine sports to choose from, all coached by experts. Kids are invited to play 2-3 sports each day while at camp, and can join in no matter their skill level or intensity.

The Skeptic

This kid cannot get enough of experiments. They’re always asking questions and when they’re not satisfied, they go looking for the right answer. You can find them in the science lab testing their hypotheses over and over again.

Their match: Specialty Major Camps
Rocket science, space camp, forensics, chemistry and more await at ESF Camps. Campers can work on extreme experiments or more hands-on advanced science, supervised by knowing scientists who share their passion for the unknown. There’s something for every budding Einstein.

The Techie

Hands-on exploration is the name of the game for this right-minded child. They want to build the next best thing, and when they need to create, they turn to the latest technology. You can often find them scouring the web for the latest tech news or begging for the newest gadget.

Their match: Tech Camps
Budding engineers can test their skills at creating video game technology or use practical building skills with Legos. Robotics, programming, motor machines, and video production are all components in the tech programming at ESF. My- 8 and 9-year-old boys really look forward to the major camps,” ESF parent Maria Colaberdino said. “And every day in camp, they are exercising with some kind of sport activity as well as computer work to round it out!”

The Future CEO

They’re kind of a big deal, and they’re not afraid to admit it. You can catch them staying up late to watch Shark Tank when they should be sleeping. They have big dreams and big personalities to match.

Their match: Junior Business Academy
From the basics of marketing to nonprofit organizations, your child will love exploring the world of business at ESF. They can learn from industry experts on the topics that will be the foundation for their futures.

The Newbie

This child is 3 years old but has an imagination far bigger. They want to be included with the big kids and are always looking for something to do.

Their Match: Mini Camp
Designed specifically for little minds and bodies, this adorable camp has it all, from science to art and plenty of play. “The mini camp exposed my little one to an outstanding array of activities in a wonderfully nurturing environment. At the end of the day, they could not wait to tell me what fun things they had done that day and the new friends they made. Every day was the best day,” said ESP parent Kate Gnall.

The Next Williams or Roddick

You can’t keep this child off the tennis court. They are always keeping up with the latest tournament, want to up their game, and look up to famous U.S. athletes.

Their Match: Tennis Camp

No camp does tennis better than ESF, which has a camp dedicated just to the game. ESF offers three levels of tennis: beginner, intermediate, and advanced, so no matter where your child is on their journey, they can practice it here.

The All-Arounder

This child is interested in everything. They can’t possibly choose what they want, because they want it all. You can catch them Googling the newest trends and filling up their day planners.

Their Match: Day Camp or Senior Camp
Children ages 4 — 8 (grouped by grade level) love Day Camp at ESF. For fourth through ninth grades, Senior Camp is the place to be! Campers take part in sports, arts and crafts, the performing arts, swimming, and ESF’s time-honored and well-loved traditions. ESF parent Karen Smith said, “My children’s ESF Day Camp experience lasts all year. They play the games, sing the songs, and talk about ESF fun all year long!”

No matter what your child’s interests, they can explore them with ESF this summer.

ESF Camps Haverford offers flexible camps all summer long for children ages 3 — 15 years old. Day camp, extended day camp, and specialty clinics are offered from the best of the best in coaching, science, theater, business, and much more.


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Photograph courtesy of ESF Camps.