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Discover the Developmental Benefits of Outdoor Play at Forest Camp

Forest Camp, a nature-based collaboration between Tyler Arboretum and The School in Rose Valley, will help kids flourish through outdoor discovery this summer in Media.

young children walking across tree stumps outdoors

Forest Camp is a nature-based summer camp experience collaboration between Tyler Arboretum and The School in Rose Valley. Blending environmental education with progressive, child-centered approaches, this extraordinary camp provides immersive outdoor play and discovery for kids ages 5-12 in Media.


Campers will spend most days immersed in Tyler Arboretum’s lush landscapes. Led by The School in Rose Valley’s experienced summer camp team, children will participate in outdoor activities tailored to nurture curiosity, foster a love for nature, and forge lasting connections with peers. 


Like their legacy summer program, Forest Camp will follow The School in Rose Valley’s philosophy of meeting each child where they are, making learning come alive, and creating a strong sense of community. As you consider your family’s summer plans, consider how this time can nurture your children’s developmental needs with unstructured outdoor play. 


students looking through binoculars at a pond in the woods


Unstructured Time in Nature Fosters Creativity and Innovation

Studies confirm profound benefits when children creatively explore outdoors. Natural materials become tools for inventing games, sparking flexible thinking and problem-solving. This “loose parts play” aids more than fixed playground equipment.


At Forest Camp, child-centered learning takes place through outdoor exploration of Tyler’s 650 acres. Tyler Arboretum is home to renown plant collections and gardens, champion trees, unique habitats, and hiking trails. Tailored activities nurture curiosity with play and discovery. Kids will gain new friends, knowledge, and a lifelong love of nature.


A typical day at Forest Camp will bring new adventures, whether exploring the pond, learning about plants, or imaginative play in treehouses. Campers join groups of 15 peers by age, with time built in for snack, lunch, and afternoon rest. From games of tag among the trees to creative art projects inspired by the outdoors, each child’s day overflows with joyful learning guided by their interests.


Young boy jumping off of a tree stump while peers watch, in the woods


Fostering Meaningful Connections With Progressive Educators

Since 1929, The School in Rose Valley has provided elementary-aged children with a hands-on, experiential education. Since the 1950s, children from 3 to 15 have had fun-filled, educational and nurturing summers at the school’s day camp on its 9 ½-acre wooded campus. 


The School in Rose Valley’s supportive camp culture helps kids authentically pursue interests while forming meaningful connections.


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Enroll Today!

Give your child the gift of an active summer immersed in the developmental magic of outdoor play. Register now for Forest Camp’s limited spots this summer from July 29 to August 30! You can register for week-long sessions or enroll for the full 5-week summer camp experience at srvcamp.org and contact LRichmond@theschoolinrosevalley.org with any questions. 


Has your child attended Forest Camp at the School in Rose Valley? We’d love for you to share what you loved most about it with our readers, comment on their profile page!




The School in Rose Valley Summer Camp is a day camp for kids aged 3 to 15 on their 9 ½-acre wooded campus with art, sports, hiking, cooking, archery, drama, dance, swimming, and more. To make friends, explore and grow.