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At Camp Half-Blood heroes are made every week. Under the keen guidance of their caring and creative staff, campers are led through activities, games, and crafts that are inspired by stories of the ancients.


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Camp Half-Blood

From Mythik Camps, Camp Half-Blood is a mythology-based adventure camp program for rising 2nd-6th graders inspired by Rick Riordan’s renowned series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Each week of the program follows its own unique story arc as campers explore different mythologies from around the world.

Camp Half-Blood's Mythology Studies, finds kids immersed in the tales of gods, goddesses, and heroes through storytelling, activities and crafts. Camp Half-Blood counselors enchant campers with captivating stories of legendary figures like Odysseus and Anansi, Mixcoatl and Hua Mulan, Beowulf and Boudica.

As part of the camp experience, kids build advanced literacy skills such as decoding, synthesizing plot lines, developing new creative narratives, practicing comprehension strategies, and so much more.

At Camp Half-Blood, kids also train like a demigod. Demigod training is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines physical, mental, and creative challenges.

Demigods spend each day learning teamwork, building confidence, and showing off their creativity through hero training activities including sword fighting, solving puzzles, scavenging, mythological trivia, forging arms and armor, and competing in Olympic games.

At Camp Half-Blood, kids become the hero of their own story!

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"Both my kids attended and this was their favorite camp of all time. Thank you for providing such a great experience- educational, active and imaginative. And they loved their counselor!"

"I really wasn’t sure if this camp was going to be the right fit for my son. Now, on the final day of his three weeks with you, I am very proud to report, it is! We have watched him mature in amazing ways these three intense and magical weeks. I give a ton of credit to their counselors. They have ignited his imagination while recognizing his unique spirit and character. They have made a huge impression…see you next summer!”

"My daughter was transported to a different world and was insistent about waking up and getting to camp on time (very unlike school or anything else, for that matter!)"



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    We’ve sent our boys to a lot of cool camps, and this is their all-time favorite, for reasons I don’t entirely understand. It seems to hit the sweet spot of enacting their epic fantasies, being creative, and running around like sword-wielding maniacs. Five stars!

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