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Carrie’s Essential Services: Time To Get Organized…And Have Your Best Summer Ever!

Don't fight over the clutter: Just Call Carrie!

It’s one of the top complaints of modern parents: what do I do with all the stuff? Clothes. Books. Toys. Sports equipment. School projects and papers. Doesn’t it seem endless?


Into the maelstrom strides Carrie Kauffman, professional organizer, owner of Carrie’s Essential Services and founder of the popular local Facebook group Getting Organized on the Main Line.


She’s a sunny, soothing presence, full of energy and optimism, with an aptitude for organizing the most challenging spaces.


Kauffman, who started Carrie’s Essential Services in the fall of 2012, can help you bring order to your life because as the mother of 10-year-old twins, she’s fighting the tide of stuff every day, too. She specializes in organizing and decluttering any space in your home or office as well as moving, packing, downsizing for seniors, office setup, and systems for small businesses.


Kauffman got her start in the medical field. After her twins were born, she faced the classic working mom challenge: finding a career that fit the needs of her family, including a child with special needs.


“That, in itself, involves a lot of organizing!” Kauffman said. “I needed something that would give me the flexibility to put my family first, while still making time to do what I love.”


A month after her kids started kindergarten, Kauffman started her business. Almost five years later, she’s as enthusiastic as ever.


Kauffman works, most often, with busy parents, trying desperately to juggle it all. Many go through the same cycle before Carrie gets the call. They are trying to manage kids, work, life — and, of course, all the clutter that comes with it.


Typically, the mess, the stress, and the blame have been a topic of conversation in the household for some time. And then something comes up and the project is so easily put off time and time again. But eventually, the frustrated parents realize that they need help, motivation, and a strategic plan. They need someone to tell them it’s OK to let all the things go.


They need Carrie!


“My clients are not alone,” Kauffman said. “I have the ability to see what others can’t, and that new perspective makes a huge difference when they feel lost about how to tackle the project.


“And when I finish, my clients thank me for making the process so much easier, better than they imagined in their head!”


Photography by Kylene Cleaver, Leave It To Me Photography

Ready to get your home organized? Just Call Carrie at 610-613-9122, or visit her website for more information. Carrie Kauffman is a professional organizer, owner of Carrie’s Essential Services and a 5-time Best for Families winner.  Headed to the Jersey Shore for the summer?  Check out her latest blog with her top tips & resources for a stress-free summer vacation at the beach!

Carrie's Essential Services offers organizing and de-cluttering services for every room in your home, as well as documentation, billing and file management systems for businesses. Owner Carrie Kauffman has completed over 160 organization projects, both small and large scale. Her extensive experience and talent contribute to her ability to successfully turn a problematic space into a customized solution.