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5 Reasons to Choose In-Home Learning for Your Babies and Toddlers

PLAY.ISH is learning that meets you where you are!

Now more than ever, people are choosing to stay at home. Whether working from home, exercising from home, home births, or just being a stay-at-home parent, a lot of our “New Normal” activities surround being in our households. Well now, learning for your babies and toddlers can be in-home as well, personalized and convenient.

Melissa Green. Former ECE Lead Teacher of 6 years. Graduate of Penn State University, Human Development and Family Studies. Wife and Mother of two.

We all want the best for our little ones in terms of care and education. We spend hours, days, and weeks searching for the perfect facilities for our little ones, only to still weep as we send them off to daycare for the first time. Our anxiety levels are through the roof, not knowing how our child will react to this new environment, what attention he/she is getting, or if he/she fits well among their peers. However, opting for an in-home learning experience before sending children off to school is definitely a great new way of transitioning, and PLAY.ISH LLC has you covered!

Here are five reasons why families are choosing PLAY.ISH In-home learning for babies and toddlers.


1. You’re Busy, We Understand!

This gets our top spot because it’s what we hear the most. Many of us have had to become overnight teachers with no prior experience and little guidance following the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown.


This did not take into consideration of our jobs, errands, daily cleaning routines, home chores, or dinner if we make it that far on our now overloaded to-do list.


“There is always just so much to do, that the learning activities get placed on the back burner and time seems to slip away.” -Cheryl 41, Philadelphia


You are busy and we get it! You also chose to keep your child at home for various reasons and we understand that too. Everyone’s situation is different. What’s awesome is that you don’t have to do it alone!


2. Your Little One  Receives Personalized Learning


With so much information out there today on how to teach your little one from home or how to maintain that they are staying engaged, it can become overwhelming to keep up.


“It started off great and we were going with the flow, then we got inundated with an overload of information to teach, create, and work on activities with our little one.” -Dana 38, Philadelphia


PLAY.ISH LLC will guarantee you a certified, and knowledgeable in-home learning specialist. We will work with your baby or toddler on play-based learning activities that are sure to keep them on par with developmental growth.


As a Certified Professional Learning Specialist experienced in Early Childhood Development and Education, during your visit I will regularly take notes, listen to your child, and observe your child to assess their learning abilities to make sure we are meeting all of their learning needs.


3. Your Little One Receives Hands-on Experience


From start to finish your child is hands-on learning! Our hands-on, play-based instruction provides interaction in various activities, flipping through pages of a book, and/or pointing out recognizable objects.


 “Studies have shown that playbased learning is more effective in young children than some traditional instruction approaches of teacher led dialect. In addition to improving play skills and narrative language ability, play-based curricula have a positive influence on grammar acquisition.” We foster language through labels and design as we engage in specific areas of our learning activities.


Our hands-on approach, coupled with play-based instruction allows children to strengthen small muscles of the hands, work on hand-eye coordination, self-regulation skills, and link new concepts to ideas that children already understand. Children also improve on the accuracy of a task and develop functional life skills to carry with them forever.

4. Your Little One is in the Comfort of Home


With PLAY.ISH in-home learning you are able to monitor, freely move about your home knowing your child is safe in the presence of others, and even understand things about your child’s individual approach to learning. In addition, you’ll be able to gauge separation patterns of your little one in the presence of new adults.


“Thank you for today!! It was awesome. Jenni is beaming!” – PW, Bala Cynwyd


With PLAY.ISH in-home learning, you help to set the tone! For example, it can be an outside learning day, or a special toy (because of tantrums all morning) learning day, and all things in-between. We tailor to our families’ individual needs, as well as children. I can easily incorporate or adapt to a change prior to or during a visit, to help relieve any mood or changes within a child.


The great thing about our in-home learning services is that there is no pressure! You are at home to stay in your peace, and we respect that for adults and children. We understand that children are unpredictable at times and that’s ok! We love to work new ideas into our lessons and if it’s absolutely not a great day, then we can always reschedule for another in-home learning visit.


Unlike a traditional childcare learning facility—where teachers cannot always focus on the individual child’s behavior or needs specifically, or even allow for certain toys from home—we can!


5. You Receive Stellar Communication


When you choose in-home learning with PLAY.ISH we strive to build a natural and trusting relationship between our families and children. We work diligently to make sure that we can accommodate any learning needs and are a good fit for your family.


In addition, you will also have instant access to communicate with your In-Home Learning Specialist through the BrightWheel App, which we use to communicate, snap pictures and send updates to all of our families.


We love staying connected and building relationships through the power of play!

Are you ready to learn more about PLAY.ISH LLC: The Baby/ Toddler Learning Service? Schedule a free consultation!



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PLAY.ISH is a drop-in, in-home learning service for babies and toddlers, focusing on play-based instruction. They strive to make learning simple and fun for children ages 4 months-4 years of age. | helloplayish.com