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Embark at Main Line is Helping Teens and Families Struggling with Mental Health

Is your teen struggling? Reach out to learn more about Embark Behavioral Health

As part of Embark Behavioral Health’s extensive network of therapy centers across the United States, Embark at Main Line is dedicated to helping teens ages 12-17 who are struggling with mental health including mood, anxiety, trauma, family dynamics, school avoidance and more.  The clinic offers individual, group, family therapy and psychiatric evaluations.


Embark at Main Line’s success in helping over 100 families in its first year has come from its treatment approach. The average therapist has a caseload of just six people who they meet with throughout the week. This allows teens to get the focused, individualized care they need.


At Embark, they strive to include the family from the beginning all the way to the end.  Their treatment team can teach families how to communicate with each other, how to advocate for themselves in a healthy way, and how parents can help their children navigate whatever struggles they’re dealing with. 


Embark Behavioral Health is a leading network of outpatient centers and residential programs offering premier mental health treatments for teens.  Dedicated to its mission of reversing the trends of teen and young adult anxiety, depression, and suicide by 2028.  Embark offers a robust continuum of care with different levels of service and programming; has a deep legacy of over 25 years servicing youth; works with families to adjust treatment to real time to improve results; treats the entire family using evidence-based approach and offers the highest levels of quality care and safety standards. 


For more information about Embark or its treatment programs, including virtual counseling, intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), short-term residential treatment, wilderness therapy, and long-term residential treatment, visit www.embarkbh.com or reach out to the Director of Professional Relations in the Philadelphia Metro area, Kathleen Goughler, 573-280-2065 or Kathleen.goughler@embarkbh.com


Kathleen is offering confidential conversations and personal tours of local Embark programs.  Navigating mental health can be challenging.  Reach out to see if we can provide your family additional mental health support and guidance.   Additionally,  Embark offers a free parenting guide – https://www.embarkbh.com/parenting-guide/.  Download a free copy today.  


Embark Main Line is the Main Line Parent 2022 LOVE Award Winner for Best Mental Health Services for Teens!


Embark at Main Line – located in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, is a location that offers outpatient behavioral health, services and support for teens, ages 13-17, who are struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues.