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Back-to-School Prep: How to Get Them Ready

How do you refocus your kids on school after a summer off? Make it easy with our tips.

We’re all a little less rule-bound in the summer: more light means later bedtimes, and many camps and other summer activities are more focused on fun than on academics. But the first day of school is fast approaching, so it’s time to start thinking about refocusing your kids. Here’s how to get ready for back to school like a pro.

Keep Reading

Even if it’s just a magazine, or just for a few minutes a day, get their reading skills back up to where they left off in June. Many schools offer a summer reading list, or you can reach out to your child’s teacher for the upcoming school year to see if she has any book recommendations for the summer.

Keep Them Ahead

Give your child’s teacher a call/email and find out a basic outline of what your children will be learning in their new classroom. Even by having a general idea of what they will be covering in science, history, or math will allow you to look up related exhibits, books, computer games, flash cards and other activities to get kids familiar with the materials and focused when the time comes to cover those topics in class.

Keep Them Prepared

If your child had any subjects that were weaker for them, set aside some time each day to focus on those subjects to give your child a better understanding. Even if you present them with topics in the form of games or television/movies, the goal is to try to provide a bit of educational time and keep them from falling behind on related subjects in the new school year.

Keep Them Full

Let them pick out their breakfast meals. We all know breakfast is an important meal, and if your child is hungry in class, it may prevent the ability to fully focus. A few days before school starts, take them grocery shopping to pick out the foods they like to eat for breakfast. This will give them something to look forward to each morning, and hopefully they’ll eat it.

Keep a Routine

Work out a routine. School is all about one class after the next, with lunch and maybe recess or downtime. A week or two before school starts, get your kids back on a school-like schedule. Not only should bedtime and rise time be set, but consider a structured day as well. Set some time blocks: reading, chores, quiet time, outside time, lunch, etc. This will get your children back into the mindset of an itinerary and lessen the ability for them to roam free throughout the day.

Focus on Bedtime

Good sleep habits are critical to educational success, so make sure your kids aren’t starting the school year overtired. You should start now! Click here to learn how to get back on back on schedule — before the bus arrives.

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