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With a 1:6 faculty-to-student ratio, Main Line Classical Academy is small by design -- creating a warm and attentive learning experience to foster deep learning and character development.


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Main Line Classical Academy

Main Line Classical Academy is both a Lower School (k-6) and Upper School (7-12) located in Bryn Mawr, PA. We are built on a commitment to the classical liberal arts canon, emphasizing immersive foreign languages, rich literature and poetry analysis, experiential art and music, and an investigative STEM curriculum. With a 1:6 faculty-to-student ratio, we are small by design --we create a warm and attentive learning experience to foster deep learning and character development. Our exceptional faculty and unique curriculum guide the student on a journey that is both rigorous and joyful.


Humanities Fall Fest and Open House for K and 1st Graders: October 2nd 3:00-5:00 pm

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455 South Roberts Rd. Bryn Mawr, PA
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Main Line Classical Academy 6 reviews

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6 reviews
  • Itzhak G.

    Main Line Classical Academy is the type of school my wife and I wish we could have attended growing up.

    We currently have two kids enrolled and they are absolutely loving it. The education is at the highest possible level. The atmosphere is warm. The parent community very engaged.

    It is also a great fit for our family because of the (optional) Judaic Studies curriculum which consists of modern Hebrew and Torah studies.

    It’s a 10/10.

  • Chloë

    Unparalleled rich and academic learning. There is no wasting time on trivial pursuits at this school except if it is not to play a stimulating and fun math game, identify birds in the woods at recess, play out the battle of Sparta on the playground and get lost in great works of poetry. Yes, in Kindergarten ! This is a school for young curious minds. It is a tight knit community of thoughtful parents and educators. Our family has been there for 6 years and our children have benefitted enormously.

  • Sara Moyn

    We feel incredibly lucky to have found this special school. We love the low tech, warm, and challenging environment. We are so impressed with the high level literature, math and arts program. Our children love learning and love to share all of these wonderful subjects with us.

  • Oxana C.

    We are a new family in Main Line Classical Academy. We transferred our son from a top 5 Maryland private school for the exclusivity of MLCA. The former school had a well-known name, national ranking, huge facilities, and emerald sports fields. What was missing for us, and what we ultimately discovered at MLCA, was the individual approach to our child. Main Line Classical Academy offers a rigid curriculum that, quite frankly, is stellar, and we haven’t seen anything like that at the top private schools. We had a fantastic opportunity to meet all his teachers during the Back-to-School event, and to say that we were impressed is to say nothing. Every class is designed to deliver rather challenging material in a child-friendly, age-appropriate manner. For example, in the 1st-grade class, students studied maps, talked about Pelasgians, learned the letters of the Greek alphabet, and covered and read a couple of myths, and they did all this only in a few weeks of school. More to say, our child comes back home and talks about his school day. Another component is that the school is very child centric. They genuinely care about their students. Our son is all boy so he likes to have fun and move around. The school day offers plenty of recess opportunities that he loves. The school doesn’t provide sports, but the PE class is excellent!

  • Rebecca W.

    “Can we practice french mommy?”
    “Want to hear me recite a poem?”
    “Do I have science lab today? I love science!”
    “Will you come to school and watch me play violin?”
    These are just a few quotes from my daughter during her first weeks at MLCA as a kindergartener. As a family, we feel so fortunate to have landed at a place that treasures knowledge both old and new, provides individualized attention, and nurtures the curious mind and spirit of the young student. Truly a gem.

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