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Choosing the Right Postpartum Care

Planning for a postpartum doula will help set your mind at ease during your pregnancy and allow for you to fully enjoy your precious baby when he or she arrives.

As you excitedly anticipate welcoming a new little one – or little ones – into your home, making sure you have the support you need to transition is vital. A postpartum doula can make a world of difference and provide you with the peace of mind you need of knowing someone is there to answer your questions and help empower you in your new role as a parent. Planning for a postpartum doula will help set your mind at ease during your pregnancy and allow for you to fully enjoy your precious baby when he or she arrives. 


But how do you know where to find the best postpartum doula for your family? After all, you need someone you can feel secure entrusting with the care of your newborn. We would love to present you with three (of many) reasons why you should choose After the Stork


Our Experience 

After the Stork has been Philadelphia’s premier postpartum doula agency since 2006. We are one of the oldest postpartum doula agencies in this area and we have helped hundreds of families in and around Philadelphia throughout the years. 


Georgette founded After the Stork out of her strong desire to help new families, especially moms, during the most challenging months of parenting – the postpartum period. As a mother of four herself, Georgette knows both the difficulties and joys of motherhood. Drawing from her own experiences as well as her extensive training and education, she helps guide new moms and dads as they transition to life with a new baby. 


As After the Stork has grown, Georgette has made it a priority to hire only the best doulas to be a part of our team. While the doulas sleep during the day, Georgette is always readily available to you to answer your questions and help you work through any concerns you might have. She is always communicating and working together with the doulas in your home to ensure that you are being given the best possible care. 


When you choose to work with After the Stork, you will find that you will richly benefit from our years of experience. 


“The doulas we were introduced to gracefully ushered us through a very challenging time in our lives and the process and standards assured by Georgette’s experience made this service worth every penny we spent.” – Danielle D. 


Built on Referrals 

We are a business built on referrals. We are proud to say that 90% of our business comes from past client recommendations and professional referrals. Our clients love our services and we have heard from them time and time again that our doulas have encouraged, helped, supported, and empowered them as they have learned to navigate the new world of parenthood. Your satisfaction with our services is our number one priority and we work hard to be a company that you not only love yourself, but one that you want to share with your families and friends. 


“We will be sure to sing the praises of After The Stork to everyone we know!” Emmalee N. 


“I highly, highly recommend After the Stork. Georgette hires only the best for her company, and I would trust your child in her and her staff’s loving hands.” Audrey A. 


A Readily Available Resource 

Finally, After the Stork is an excellent choice for your family because you will find that we are a readily available resource for your questions and needs. Our goal is to boost your knowledge and confidence by teaching you evidence-based methods for caring for and comforting your precious newborn. We are there to help equip you as a new mom or dad for this special new stage of life. Whether it’s support with breastfeeding, help developing a flexible routine, learning to read your baby’s cues, or, as time goes on, working on getting your baby to sleep well and through the night, we are here to help you and provide answers to your questions. 


“The guidance that After the Stork provided in terms of bathing the baby, general care, fussiness, and lactation information was awesome. You always knew the questions I should ask, but was too tired to think of – preparing me each step of the way.” M.M

Take the Next Step

These are just a few of the many reasons After the Stork is the right choice for your family. Our goal is to help you to just relax and enjoy your special new arrival. The newborn stage can be overwhelming and exhausting. We are here to help ease the transition, answer your many questions, and provide you with an excellent night’s sleep so that you can wake up refreshed and ready to enjoy the time with your baby. We don’t want you to merely “get through” the newborn period. We want you to enjoy it and look back on it with fond memories. 


Because of our excellent reputation, our schedule books months in advance. Contact us today so that we can walk with you through this special time.


Since 2006, After the Stork has been dedicated to helping families throughout the Greater Philadelphia region adjust to life with a precious newborn. We offer support, education, and assistance for a smooth transition to parenthood. Visit us at https://afterthestork.info/