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Why Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs Alums are Taking the World by Storm

What if we told you that your summer camp could change the course of your future? Learn how that is happening, right here at Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs.

“One of the best experiences of my life. It is life-changing. I got out of my comfort zone and I developed so many skills and strengths. I grew as a person. I grew as a citizen. It was magical.”

-Tami Tominaga, JKCP alum, Social Media Influencer, Brazil

“The highlight of my teenage years. The first place I felt like I belonged, [and] the perfect place to go to explore who you are and who you want to be in the future.”

-Marley Spector, JKCP alum, Product Manager, Dropbox

For so many of us, whether or not we ever attended, the phrase, “summer camp” evokes images of sun, sports, crafts, mosquitoes, bonfires, swimming pools, and throngs of active kids in shorts and t-shirts, forming new friendships and making the most of the warm weather. But what if, in addition to summer fun, enduring friendships, and new skills, the camp experience could go even deeper, farther, and mean much more to the lives and futures of your children? What if the place your children spent the summer was a community of collaboration, learning, and growth? What if your kids’ summer camp held its standard to the cutting edge of developing technologies, new programs, and extending field experience from city streets to some of the country’s best universities?

At JKCP, attendance means just such a chance, offering education, hands-on learning, creative development, and real-life, real-time experience, translating into the kind of early success that persists well beyond summer, into the long, bright, and thriving futures of its alumnae.

Zach Fox, now a film writer, producer, director, and actor, began his career trajectory during middle school, encouraged and developed by his experience at JKCP, including an internship.

“JKCP gave me an opportunity to thrive, and an environment where I felt confident and comfortable in myself. It gives you the opportunity to study things that are actually going to pertain to your future in the environment of a camp,” says Zach.

In high school, Zach’s burgeoning talent was discovered by Disney Channel executives, who offered him the rare chance to develop a series for television. He then went on to attend the University of Pennsylvania, and just released his first feature film on Hulu. “JKCP is,” Zach says, “a confidence-builder of a lifetime.”

“It’s not just about finding something for kids to do for the summer,” says Keri Branch, JKCP Marketing Manager. “We want to help them find something they’re passionate about, find who they’re going to grow into. JKCP becomes a part of their story, a part of what helps them grow up.”

With camp and internship choices like Arts, Architecture, Pediatric Medicine, Business, Social Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Cooking, in addition to sport camps like Tennis, Soccer, Esports and Golf, campers and students from 5 to 18 are offered the chance to explore, exceed their own expectations, and shine in sports fields and academic fields alike. In locations like Haverford College, Villanova University, University of Pennsylvania, CHOP, and Yale University, the possibilities for developing your child’s confidence and skill sets from summer to summer, and far beyond, are endless.

“Families put their trust in us,” says Ms. Branch. “We want them to know what it means to us, and how seriously we take that.”

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This Sponsored Story by Karen Barbuscia supports the Main Line Parent Community.  Videography by Zach Fox, courtesy of JKCP

Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs redefines what a summer should be. Summer should be about doing something you love, meeting people from all over the world, preparing for college or your future career or experiencing something new. We make summer better by creating experiences people love.