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Treehouse World – The Premier Adventure Destination

There's something for everyone at this premier adventure destination for kids and adults.

Treehouse World - The Premier Adventure Destination

Laughter and adventure abound at Treehouse World, where your family can explore the newest and coolest treehouses around, and take on unique high adventure programs. Since opening in 2016, Treehouse World has added many attractions for adults and kids of all ages. Read on for details to help you plan your trip to this gem in West Chester.


At Treehouse World, you can explore several treehouses, wander on a nature path, visit bunnies and chickens, pick fruit in season, and play games (schedule changes daily.) Each day, you can also add these exciting extras:


  • Buccaneer Zipline– A great first or second experience in zip lining, this exciting zip line lets you chase the wind as you fly through the air. You’ll launch from a 12-foot-high platform and soar 150 feet across a field at up to 15 mph. Pro tip: parents, head to the field to capture priceless photos and video!



  • Walk the Plank– Treehouse World’s newest attraction will awaken the pirate in you! Harnessed in, free fall from our Pirate Ship Treehouse at 20 feet up or from the Crow’s Nest at 35 feet!



  • Climbing Stations– Move over, Tarzan! Do you think you have what it takes to ring the bell at the top of the tree? The Climbing Stations provide a sense of accomplishment, and are also a wonderful way to challenge yourself. Harness in and climb up one of the 40-foot-tall trees, using rock climbing foot mounts.



  • Archery Tag– If teamwork, tactical maneuvering, and lots of running around sound like your idea of fun, Archery Tag is your game! Players use bows to shoot foam-tipped arrows at each other and at targets, attempting to rack up the highest score and take home the glory!



  • Valley Creek Aerial Zipline Tour– The Tour is perfect for an adult outing! It includes eight bridge crossings and three zip lines up to 420 feet long, with speeds up to 30 mph. The last zip line is a dual ‘racing’ zip line where you can zip side-by-side with a friend across the Valley Creek Ponds. Large platforms built in the trees are specially designed for groups to gather and cheer on their friends and fellow participants.


If you have a great day at Treehouse World, consider it for a special event! Treehouse World is a unique birthday party venue for kids who like to run around, climb, bounce, and generally expend energy outside. Treehouse World’s 14 wooded acres and friendly staff will make your stress-free birthday party easy and complete. Choose from up to three activity parties, or a zip line aerial tour party, and make lasting memories! Treehouse World is also a great destination for school groups, day trips, family gatherings, clubs, societies and teams, scouting groups, church youth groups, wedding parties, or corporate team building.



Treehouse World is located at 1442 Phoenixville Pike, West Chester. Depending on the package you choose, admission is $22.50 – $45 per person. Adults can accompany and watch children for $12, and the Zipline Tour is $60. Children under 2 years old are free. Season passes are also available. Get more info on Treehouse World here.



Treehouse World is a place to explore the newest and coolest treehouses around. A place to challenge yourself with our unique high adventure programs. And most of all, a place to have a ton of fun.