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Publishers’ LOVE Award: Jessica Welsh, The Haverford School

"Jessica Welsh makes me better at my job." ~ Sarah Bond

Why we LOVE Jessica Welsh: 


Jessica Welsh is creative, discerning, so organized, and successful at her job, and she does it with STYLE. Not only has she been willing to try new things with us (have you seen our Facebook LIVE Campaigns?), but her feedback has made us eager to brainstorm new ways to add value to our partnership and help her meet her goals. She is a source of inspiration!


“Almost 8 years ago, Jess and I connected on Facebook, and then she moved in next door to me — we lived in a connected set of Tudor twins in Ardmore, we each had a toddler and were juggling working from home. She worked for an agency and I was still at the beginning of my Main Line Parent startup journey. She must have thought I was NUTS when I had 5,000 magazines delivered to my front porch and piled them up between us. In the early days, everything I did was DIY, and she seemed delighted that I was blazing my own trail to become a publisher. And since that time, long after we moved away from our first homes on the Main Line, our paths kept crossing. We found opportunities to work together on some marketing projects, even officially job-sharing in an office for a year… but it was not until I reconnected with her, in her current role that I discovered what an amazing and talented professional she truly is.”

~ Sarah Bond 


In her current role at The Haverford School, Jessica has worked with the admissions office to overhaul a decades-old process with the goal of increasing enrollment, particularly at the Lower School level. She achieved a 20% increase in inquiries (52% in Lower School) and a 21% increase in applications (34% in Lower School) in her first year.



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