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PJA Services — Relentlessly Proactive

Painting, basement remodels, and more since 2016

Family room renovation and painting project, brick fireplace and sectional sofa.

HGTV has made home services both dreaded and sought-after. The remodels and quick jobs always turn into month-long nightmares with hidden costs, during which times families often move out of at least a portion of their house. But the reveals are so satisfying that homeowners usually say they were worth the headache. What if you could have a beautiful job done with no surprises and the outcome is exactly what you wanted and expected on time and on budget?

PJA Services Home Exterior Painting

Meet PJA Services


Pete Achuff founded PJA Services in 2016. After he graduated from Williamson Trade School in Media he worked for other people putting his school skills to use, and painted home interiors and exterior as a side hustle. But his painting business took off so a couple of years later, he launched his own company, PJA Services. When he needed staff, he hired some of the best women he knew: his mom, sister, and sister-in-law.


Aside from it being a family affair, something Pete says that sets them apart is service. Customer service and client care are a top priority.


“Getting back to people is half the battle. We do our best to return emails a day or so after receiving an inquiry, because being responsive, and doing what you’re saying is important. Our primary focus, though, is really the quality of our work. We aren’t out to just make a quick buck off people or waste their time by doing sub-par work or rushed jobs.”


Pete and his team help clients save time through an online consultation during which he tells them about the company, the potential timeline, costs, and PJA’s policies and processes, so everyone is on the same page for the job. 

PJA Services basement renovation

Decision-making help


Often, PJA works with a designer, but when a client hires them independently, and they don’t know what they want, Pete’s team is ready to help.


“If the client needs help deciding, we can help pick colors – we’ll ask them for a color family and we’ll show them our top five colors.  We also post photos of our recent projects on Facebook and Instagram so they can see what colors look like in a home – it’s different than on a piece of paper.”


“Secret sauce”


Pete says there’s even more to their secret sauce – 3 Cs: camaraderie, communication, and cookies.


“We treat each home like it’s our own. The crew gets along well, and they’re very friendly. A lot of the work we do is for stay-at-home moms, and they feel comfortable with our workers there with them and their kids.”


He also knows his clients appreciate his communication style – which is open and honest.


“We’re communicating with clients if something comes up, not doing a bait-and-switch of unseen costs. And if we run into an unexpected problem, we’re upfront and we easily explain what happened and how it can be fixed, what the cost might be, how long it will take; we don’t want  them getting a surprise with the bill.”


They also have a detailed contract laying out what they do and how they’re going to do it, so everyone’s clear on the work.


What About Cookies? 


Pete sends a gift to each client when the job is finished, to thank them for their business. Insomnia Cookies or local honey, as well as a 5-year warranty for exterior painting, and 7 years for interior projects. Which is sweet for two reasons: PJA supports other local small businesses; and the clients get double the benefits!


In addition to painting, PJA remodels basements – something he ramped up during the pandemic. And PJA also handles relatively simple carpentry that is not structural, like changing out wood impacted by wood rot. 


What does “Relentlessly Proactive” Mean?

Pete explains his motto: “It means whatever we can do to make sure we’re thinking of the next step. What is the best thing we can do for the customer? Ya gotta be good people.”


Learn more about this 2023 Love Award Winner by reaching out to Pete and his family at www.pjaservicesllc.com/ or 484-441-3791.


Feeling the LOVE


This family-owned business received a Love Award from Main Line Parent and Bucks County Parent this year, for Best Painter. And with good reason; PJA is a good choice for families because they are one – in addition to Pete’s family running the office, field staff includes three dads, and two husband and wife teams. “We all get the importance of this work, so if someone markers up the paint, you’re not stuck with a messed up wall. It shows why we need to do the correct prep and buy the right materials to hold up in a messy house with kids.”



Owner Peter Achuff, and his mom, Mary.

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