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With a New Name, Ivory Tree Portraits Opens New Studio In Wayne

Owner Lara Aman Mattey is out on her own with a focus on families and natural light.

Little Nest Portraits Wayne has a new name — Ivory Tree Portraits — and a new, light-filled location in downtown Wayne. For owner Lara Aman Mattey, the changes are all about the heart of her business: creating beautiful memories for families, in all their forms.

“We have loved getting to know these families,” Mattey said. “After really focusing in and listening to what our clients had to say, we have decided to concentrate in on what our local families need and want.”

Photograph by Gwyneth K. Shaw

Ivory Tree remains a family portrait boutique, specializing in naturally lit images that capture families of all ages and compositions. Mattey’s team of four experienced photographers can take you from fur baby to real baby and into the teen years, telling the story of your family.

The name puts together the two things that Mattey felt were most important about her business: the ethereal beauty of natural light (the “ivory”) and the combination of the family tree and the connection that grows between families and Ivory Tree photographers.

“Whatever your family unit looks like — we really wanted to be fully inclusive of that,” Mattey said. “The photographers on my team, they will get to know you and your personality and how you grow, and we will capture that for you.

“It’s all about the family connection, but also how we connect and become interwoven with our clients.”

The new business is also focusing on new products that are custom-tailored to the local clientele. Ivory Tree’s Luxe line features clean finishes, mostly metal and glass, for a modern aesthetic. The Organic line incorporates hand-crafted frames, and reclaimed wood, to “really fit in with the architecture of our local families,” Mattey said.

Mattey is also working with local and regional artisans, “people who are true artists, that have this amazing passion for what they do, just like we do,” she said.

It all comes together in Ivory Tree’s new studio, at 21 West Ave. in Wayne, which was until recently a Waltzing Matilda store.

Lara Aman Mattey. Photograph courtesy of Ivory Tree Portraits.

“When I bought my business two years ago, I fell in love with Wayne. It has such a community vibe, it’s  so family-friendly — there’s so much to do right there that I wasn’t considering anyplace else,” she said.

She’d had her eye on the space, and made it clear to other business owners that she’d love to move in there. When she got the call that it was available, Mattey jumped on it.

You can see the studio for yourself at Ivory Tree’s April 14 open house, from 10 am to 4 pm. Each family that attends will get a free digital portrait.

“It has the most amazing windows and the most amazing south facing light. We’re an all-natural light studio, so south-facing light is so important, and in downtown Wayne, that’s almost impossible to fin,” Mattey said. “The new space is so exciting.”

Lead photograph courtesy of Ivory Tree Portraits. 

Ivory Tree is a family portrait studio in Wayne. You live in the moment -- we capture it, so you can cherish the memory and document your family's growth. We are artists dedicated to capturing the essence of your family.