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Everyone Deserves A Bright Future: Celebrating Milestones With GETIncluded.org’s CEO

GET Café, located in the heart of Narberth, is committed to the gainful employment of individuals of ALL abilities.

“Every parent wants a bright future for their child, and we founded GetIncluded.org to help make that a possibility for all people,” said Brooke Goodspeed, CEO of GetIncluded.org


Largely due to stigma, people with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities are often denied or face obstacles against achieving things like attending school, living on their own or having a career. For example, people with disabilities tend to have a much higher unemployment rate. 

To help overcome these disparities, GetIncluded.org was established with a mission of social inclusion. Part of GetIncluded.org’s accomplishments has been the GET Café in Narberth, a nonprofit café that employs dozens of adults with disabilities. The staff, which includes people with autism, Down syndrome and blindness, serve up delicious lattes and lunches, smoothies and smiles, paninis and positivity. GetIncluded.org and GET Café have achieved many things, but perhaps the most poignant is breaking down stigma every day as people in the community interact with the baristas and servers at the café who show that people with disabilities are capable of amazing things. 


“The GET Café is a place where I feel welcome to be myself, where I am supported and accepted, where I am appreciated for my strengths and personality, and not made to feel purposeless,” said Will, a member of the GET community (pictured on left in photo).


Will’s recent comments are particularly timely this summer, as he, Maiya, and Jack, all of whom have been employees of GET Café since its opening on Valentine’s Day 2019, graduated together from Lower Merion High School in June.


“GET Café “gets me” and makes me happy to be with my friends,” added Maiya.



GetIncluded.org has been a center for the local community for several years, and with the opening of the café 2 years ago became an indispensable part of downtown Narberth. Mayor Andrea Deutsch and other local politicians, as well as nationally-celebrated authors Margo Rabb and Madeline Miller are among the frequent patrons. 


The work experience is incredibly valuable and has already led to other jobs at local companies for several of them. The non-profit uses funds raised to help people with disabilities to live independently. GetIncluded.org also offers other programming and partnerships to support the community. During the start of the pandemic, it was a go-to resource for homemade masks and to-go food orders. 


“With GetIncluded.org, we’re creating the world I want all of my children to live in,” said Goodspeed.

GET Café is a non-profit community coffee shop and center for social inclusion. Our goal at Great Expectations Together, Inc. is to provide each community member the opportunity to live and experience social, educational, and community involvement in an enjoyable, enriching, and inclusive way. We strive to work to end discrimination against a population of individuals that often can not fiercely advocate for themselves. Our voices are strong and our passion is even stronger. Our community center in Narberth, PA offers numerous programs to support individuals with disabilities.