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Shore Deal: Helpful Services for Families at the Beach

Let shore time be more of a real vacation with help from these beach based vendors!

We’ve all been there: you get home from a week at the beach only to realize that between chasing the kids, finding food to fit everyone’s preferences, and buying all the things you forgot, you barely had time to relax on your so called “vacation.” With busy lives between parenting and careers, vacations should be our way to recuperate, not another source of stress. These Jersey Shore companies are striving to fight “I need a vacation from my vacation” syndrome by providing you with all the things you could possibly need for a stress-free getaway. From linen delivery services to personal chefs, beach equipment to babysitters, these beach services are sure to make your next vacation the best one yet.

Beach Caddy


Beach Caddies provide a luxury services to beachgoers in Ocean City, Sea Isle City, Avalon, and Stone Harbor New Jersey.  Book your move-in and/or move-out service to save you the hassle of going up and down the stairs a dozen times to get things from your car in to your home (and reverse!). Upon arrival at home or rental, your caddy will meet you at your vehicle and unload your luggage, provisions, and contents directly into your home.

Linen Ladies

116 Pearl Ave., Cape May, NJ, 609-884-3246

Linen Ladies is taking the stress out of sleep. By the time you pull up to your beach house, they will have delivered all the bedding and supplies you could need. Sheets in every size, pillow cases, duvet covers, and crib sheets are just the beginning. Linen Ladies will even come in and make your beds and set up cribs, which are also available to rent. Aside from preparing the bedrooms, Linen Ladies also provides towel rentals for both the bath and beach. They’ll also deliver beach umbrellas and beach chairs to your door, and wheelchairs are available for rent on a weekly basis.

Casey’s Cleaning Services


When you own a beach house that you consistently rent out, you may feel the constant need to check on the house and make sure everything is just so. But getting to the shore every weekend to check in isn’t practical. Casey’s Cleaning Service is a reliable and trustworthy cleaning service that prepares your beach house between tenants. They will clean the whole house after each renter’s stay and are available for emergency cleaning services as needed.

Relax Concierge

1213 West Ave., Ocean City, NJ, 609-601-5077

From linens to beach toys, Relax Concierge has your next beach stay covered. Their luxury sheets are sure to make your stay a comfortable one. They provide all bath towels and travel-size toiletries as well. Their most popular items for rent, however, are their infant equipment. Between cribs, play items, and strollers, you may find your whole car is packed before you even add the suitcases. Leave all your items at home, rent from Relax Concierge, and be assured you’ll get safe equipment for your little one. Crib rentals, pack-n-plays, safety gates, and baby baths will keep your child safe and happy. They also provide strollers and toys for on and off the beach. Products come from a variety of brands, so it’s likely they will have the same ones you use at home. Happy baby, happy parents.

Harbor Outfitters

Five Jersey Shore Locations, or call 609-938-0175

Harbor Outfitters has all kinds of fun things you can rent to make your shore trip even more fun, but the main reason we included them on this list is their electric car rentals, or golf carts as my kids call them. These open air electric vehicles make traveling around town or from your rental home to the beach super fun. The gear can be burdensome to schlep even with a wheeled cart, or perhaps you’re traveling with someone who can’t make the walk themselves. An electric car is the perfect solution!

LBI Dream Makers

802 Central Ave., Barnegat Light, NJ, 908-731-1174

LBI Dream Makers is located right on the island, making their services fast and local. They provide a variety of luxury beach services including full linen services, hot tub rentals, and personal chefs who will come over and cook dinner for the evening. Grocery delivery services are also available. You can also purchase personal toiletries directly from them, because c’mon, there’s gotta be something you forgot! If you still find yourself feeling a little anxious, then have a personal yoga instructor or masseuse come to your beach home. Stretch out the stress with this unique and fun service.

Guardian Angels Sitting Service

877-470-GASS (4277)

It seems the very best, but also the most anxiety-inducing, part of vacations are the children. Especially if the adults are having a night out and the kids are at home, your mind is likely riddled with worry. Are they safe? Are they having fun? Are their sleep schedules getting thrown off? Guardian Angels Sitting Service knows these worries, and wants you to have a night out with complete peace of mind. Sitters provide services any time, day or night, and they’ll even come after your children are asleep to keep an eye on them and the home. You’ll feel secure knowing all GASS sitters have been through an in-depth hiring process and hold current state and national clearances as well as CPR/First Aid certifications.

Surf Buggy Centers

Locations in Ocean City, Sea Isle City, and Avalon, 800-976-5679

Buying expensive beach equipment, or any beach equipment for that matter, can seem impractical when it only gets used three months out of the year. Surf Buggy Centers allows you to rent all the beach equipment you could ever think of – and more. Chairs, umbrellas, beach carts, and coolers are only the beginning. Kayaks and bicycles for the whole family are available for an active and fun-filled getaway. If you want to grill up some steaks, they even have grills for rent for the week.

Stone Harbor Crib & Beach Rental

Your one stop shop for all things beach and baby you’ll need for your shore rental! Free delivery to Stone Harbor, Avalon, Sea Isle, Wildwood & Cape May. Ocean City has free delivery for pick ups and deliveries on Saturday only with an advance order. Rentals include baby items (cribs, strollers, high chairs, and more), house items, bike rentals, beach supplies, and linens.


Photo by Kara Raudenbush Photography