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AIM Academy’s Formula for Success

AIM Academy's students thrive in hands-on learning environments with visual models and real-world immersion.

The 2020-2021 school year was difficult for all students, but for anyone who learns differently, the challenges were immense.

At AIM Academy in Conshohocken, a college-prep school for students with language-based learning differences such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia, the fully in-person 1st through 12th grade classes allow students to thrive in hands-on learning environments with visual models and real-world immersion.

AIM Academy’s curriculum is research-based and grounded in the Science of Reading. This includes instruction in Wilson Language Training® and an arts-based program that emphasizes hands-on instruction and the development of background knowledge.

The academic programs at AIM are individualized and innovative and designed to spark student curiosity and enthusiasm. Their Humanities, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design, and Mathematics) and Arts curriculum develop deep understanding and critical thinking skills needed for college and career success. Underlying every aspect of their program is the knowledge and use of cutting-edge research into how their students learn best across all disciplines.

In AIM’s Upper School, they know that teenagers who struggle with learning in traditional schools often need extra attention to ignite their passion for learning or creating. They do this by individualizing each and every one of their students’ schedules, pushing them to the highest level of challenge they can handle, and supporting them in any areas of struggle that emerge along the way. They remediate and accelerate simultaneously, and work with a great sense of urgency.

All of their students are prepared to head off to college and the only way they are going to prepare their minds and mental habits for the road ahead is by lighting a fire, sparking a passion that will propel them through the difficult moments and maximize success in the easier ones. Their students have opportunities to become leaders, and all seniors experience a taste of college through their dual-enrollment partnerships enrolling in college courses while still in high school.

AIM Academy students have multiple opportunities to discover their passion for a subject or an activity, whether it is an athletic pursuit, immersion in the arts, community service, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work, or creating in their Robotics and Engineering spaces. 

And AIM also teaches teachers! The AIM Institute for Learning & Research has created online literacy training courses based on the curriculum they know works for students at AIM Academy. Not only do new AIM teachers undergo training in the AIM Pathways platform, but AIM also works with schools and school districts around the country and Philadelphia area to help teachers incorporate the Science of Reading into their classrooms as well to support all students.

At AIM, the Philadelphia area’s largest school for children with language-based learning differences, they say that innovative teaching leads to fearless learning and boundless futures. Consider joining us to learn more about AIM.

Join us for a Virtual Info Session and then Visit for a Tuesday Tour.

Register at https://www.aimpa.org/admissions/discoveraim

  • 9 – 10 am Info Sessions: September 24, October 8, November 6, December 10
  • 6 – 7 pm Info Sessions: October 20, November 17, January 5

AIM Academy supports the Main Line Parent community.

AIM Academy is a coeducational, independent school in Conshohocken dedicated to providing extraordinary educational opportunities to children in grades 1-12 with language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. Our rigorous, academic elementary, middle and high school programs, taught by experienced and creative faculty, incorporate evidence-based interventions in an arts-based learning environment that is college preparatory in scope and sequence. Our programs are designed to foster self-esteem and social responsibility both in the classroom and through our comprehensive athletics, extracurricular and summer camp programs.