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5 Ways to Make a Snow Day Fun Indoors

In between sledding runs, try these great indoor options.

School is canceled, you’re home from work, and you’ve got a whole snow day to fill. Everybody loves sledding, but you’ve got to come inside sometime. Try one (or more) of these suggestions and make the indoors as much fun as the out.

Build a snowman inside

Snowmen are adorable — until your mittens are soaked and your fingers frozen. Make homemade play dough or magic snow with items that may already be on hand. There are plenty of safe, edible recipes online that require a few simple ingredients such as flour, vegetable oil, and salt. Once the kids help you mix it up, clear out a space on a title floor or kitchen table and start building.

Snow science

Have some food coloring in the cupboards? Those little bottles can be the start of a fun science experiment! Grab a snowball from outside, and place into a container with spoons, measuring cups, or mini shovels, and see what colors they can create (this also works well with baking soda and a little vinegar for fizz). Talk about snow with your children and show them pictures of snowflakes up close.

Winter movie fest

Get in your PJs. Load the sofa with cozy blankets. Choose a themed film (Frozen? Frosty? Ice Age? Maybe even some Christmas movies?). Then get the snack bar ready. We’d suggest:

  1. Hot chocolate — with some peppermint candy canes and mini marshmallows.
  2. Popcorn, of course. Upgrade it with sprinkle of snow (a mix of sugar and salt) for a sweet treat. Or make “popcorn sundaes” by adding in m&ms, mini pretzels, chocolate morsels, mini marshmallows, or any other candy/treats you have in the pantry.
  3. Mini pizzas (in snowmen shapes) can also be easily made with a can of pizza dough, some sauce, and cheese. Use veggies as decorations.

Indoor treasure hunt

Before the next snow, swing by a dollar store and grab some fun prizes to use in a winter treasure hunt. Coloring or puzzle books, small arts and crafts, any snow-themed goodies are great finds at low cost.

  1. Create clues to keep kids guessing and searching various areas of the house. A new clue at each designated spot will lead them closer to their prize.
  2. Kids too little to read? Instead make an illustrated of items they need to find throughout the house, scavenger style. A completed check-list can be redeemed for the treasure.
  3. Another great way to win prizes is by creating a winter BINGO game. Have the children look out the window and mark off various people and things as they come by — a bus, a snowplow, someone wearing rain/snow boots, a delivery person.


Kids love baking, and even toddlers can help sift flour or crack eggs. Try cinnamon rolls in the morning, and pressure cooker lava cake (hello, Instant Pot!) or your best chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon. Even if you’re terrible in the kitchen, a cake mix or refrigerated cookie dough gets you a long way. After you feast, head back outside to burn off the sugar high.



Image by DUKE NG from Pixabay