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Today’s Automotive Market: What You Need to Know and How Phoenix Preferred Can Help

Phoenix Preferred can navigate the chaotic car market and do the hard work for you.

We are living in strange times. Kids aren’t going to school; parents are working from home. And you are not using your car as much as you once were. In fact, many of you aren’t driving much at all. You’d think car dealers would want the business, even that they might be having fire sales—but they are not; in fact, the market is actually going the opposite way!


In Pennsylvania there were 8 weeks of mandated zero sales and approximately 12 weeks of very slow sales; and then, along came a boom of unprecedented short-term sales due to leases that were overdue and people who were scrambling to buy new cars once the lockdown was nearing its end. But during the major part of the pandemic, manufacturers were not building cars. Many plants stopped manufacturing car parts and began fulfilling the need to create medical equipment such as masks and ventilators. Now, there is a run on new cars and there is little to no new inventory coming into local dealerships.


So now it’s become a used car market—dealers are trying to unload older or last season vehicles at a lower price, which could mean a great deal for you. Or so you might think … because now the inventory shortage is working its way into the wholesale market. Dealerships are now paying 10% to 25% more for used cars, and as a result, the used market is seeing a rise in consumer prices. It is becoming a seller’s market, and you may end up paying more than you wished.


Enter Phoenix Preferred. Phoenix Preferred does the negotiating for you! We are trained to keep an eye on the market for the car you want—not the car you have to settle for. We have relationships at all the local dealerships, which means we can help you find a new or used vehicle, assist with the financing, help negotiate your trade, and keep you out of the dealership, safe at home. There’s no haggling and no arguing with a salesperson. You can save time and money and get the car you want while spending time with your family this summer.


Especially in these scary pandemic times, Phoenix Preferred can navigate the chaotic car market and do the hard work for you. You can relax and let our expert team handle the logistics. All you have to do is sign when the car of your dreams—at a lower price than you might have expected—shows up in your driveway. 


Call Phoenix Preferred today: 832-515-4937.


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Alleviate the haggling and hassle of the car buying experience and let the experts at Phoenix Preferred handle all the logistics, legwork, and negotiating. Phoenix Preferred will handle all your car buying and leasing paperwork and all the negotiations with an effortless car buying experience that saves you both your valuable time and money. Schedule a consultation today: 832.515.4937