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PA Cyber, Giving Students an Exceptional Head Start

In the 2017-2018 academic year, more than 10,000 Pennsylvania students chose to get their education from one of the most successful online public schools in the nation. Find out why.

At The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, or PA Cyber, there are as many stories as there are enrollees.


One of the largest, most experienced and successful online public schools in the nation, PA Cyber’s online learning environment, personalized instruction, and varied courses meet state standards. Its teachers provide a rich, well-rounded learning experience and there are countless opportunities for enrichment. This year, more than 1,300 PA Cyber students from 63 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties received diplomas. They leave with an exceptional head start.


As her senior class representative, Melanie Hulse joined PA Cyber’s DECA chapter her sophomore year and served as its president as a senior. This experience not only inspired her graduation speech, but it also afforded her the chance to gain valuable leadership and presentation skills.


In the speech Melanie reminded fellow classmates, “whether you have been a PA Cyber student for one year or 12 years, or any time in between, you have become part of the best and largest cyber school in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. You have become independent learners. You have practiced time management skills…today we accept a greater responsibility for creating our own personal brands defined by our recognizable names and reputations.” 


Melanie, who is attending Robert Morris University, where she will study marketing and media arts, recognized she was an independent learner–she was self-motivated. “It’s about building opportunities for yourself and knowing how to better your education and what works for you as an individual learner and student,” she said.

In the same senior class as Melanie is Isaac Melvin, who enrolled in PA Cyber in ninth grade, after nine years in a homeschool setting. His enrollment in PA Cyber allowed him to stay involved in community activities, while participating in the school’s countless extracurricular opportunities. Isaac joined the Raspberry Pi Club, a basic programming group, took part in 3D printing, and served as captain of the Cyber Patriots team, all of which are science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM, related activities and helped shape his interest in aeronautical engineering.  


As Isaac prepares to enter the Air Force Academy–an elite prep school that accepts only 125 students nationwide and includes a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force upon graduation–he reflects on how crucial being a self-motivated learner is to success.


“All of the programs I participated in, and also just getting the opportunity of having to be self-motivated and homeschooled, I think that really played a part in strengthening my application.”


If you think PA Cyber is a good fit for your child, learn more at one of their upcoming information sessions. You can get more details, and register, by going here.

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Photographs courtesy of the PA Cyber Charter School

Serving students in kindergarten through 12th grade, the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School (PA Cyber) is one of the largest, most experienced, and most successful online public schools in the nation. As a public school, PA Cyber is open for enrollment by any school-age child residing in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and does not charge tuition to students or families.