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GIVEAWAY! Not Just Another Pair of Pretty PJs: Experience Lusomé’s Luxury Cooling Sleepwear

There may never be a time in your life where sleep is as uncomfortable as during pregnancy, stay cool with Lusomé! And maybe you'll even win a pair!

As a new mom, getting a good night’s sleep can feel almost impossible.  Between frequent feedings, diaper changes, and the general stress of caring for a new baby, it can be difficult to relax and get the rest you need.  Add hormonal changes on top of this, and you could be in for a hot, restless night.  But what if we told you that the right pair of pajamas could make all the difference?  Introducing Lusomé, the luxury sleepwear brand that has disrupted the cooling sleepwear market.


No More Sweaty Nights! 

Night sweats are a common problem that affects moms of all ages. 35% of women suffer from postpartum night sweats, as do as many as 80% of women in menopause and perimenopause.  This is where Lusomé’s innovation comes in. Their proprietary Xirotex™ fabric rapidly pushes sweat and bacteria through to the surface for quick evaporation, allowing for optimal comfort and dryness. 


Backed by Research

According to a recent study evaluated by experts from the University of Alberta, Lusomé’s revolutionary Xirotex™ moisture-wicking and cooling technology has been proven to be the clear winner.

“After reviewing the research, I can confirm that Lusomé’s moisture management technology is the most effective among the brands I’ve seen,” said Dr. Rachel McQueen, textile scientist and Associate Professor of the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sci-Human Ecology Department at UofA.

  • Lusomé was the only brand to achieve an Overall Moisture Management Capability (OMMC) rating of grade 5, the best possible liquid moisture management rating. 
  • Lusomé handily outperformed other big-name cooling sleepwear brands, which the study found to be misleading in their claims. 
  • Consumers felt their skin to be dryer faster wearing Lusomé than any other brand.


Winner of Best Cooling Pajamas 2023

Lusomé also came out on top in Good Housekeeping’s test of best cooling sleepwear, after both extensive consumer and in-lab testing focused on cooling, durability, and other qualities. 


Perfect Balance: Beauty and Function

But Lusomé is more than just functional sleepwear.  The name “Lusomé” is an ancient Scottish term that means desirable, and the essence of what their company provides is the perfect balance between functionality and beauty.  The brand takes inspiration from French design aesthetics and beauty icons to create simple, timeless, and elegant designs with a feminine twist.  The fits have been engineered to complement women of nearly every shape and size, using masterful pattern making techniques to enhance and flatter their bodies.


Moms of all ages deserve to feel comfortable and dry during those precious hours of sleep.  Investing in a pair of Lusomé pajamas could make all the difference in the quality of your sleep and empower women to manage night sweat issues that have traditionally made them feel less desirable and less feminine.  No matter what your body is going through, don’t settle for sweat-soaked sleepwear.  Discover Lusomé and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day (and your baby)!


It’s Giveaway Time!

We’re pleased to announce a giveaway for the Main Line Baby Guide!  One lucky reader will receive Lusomé’s best-selling Donna PJ set (shirt + pants) in powder blue Denim Mix.


Product Description of the Giveaway:  The Donna Set in Denim Mix


The iconic and award-winning Donna Set is timeless in design. The top has slight shaping at the waist for a flattering and comfortable fit. The pants have an elastic and a removable grosgrain tie.  Crafted from the luxuriously soft and proprietary fabric Xirotex™, proven in lab tests to draw perspiration away from the skin quickly and accelerate evaporation for instant comfort.  Their best-seller!


Enter here:


  •       Xirotex™, moisture management fabric
  •       Real shell buttons (shirt)
  •       Contrast ivory piping (shirt)
  •       Flattering open notch collar neckline (shirt)
  •       Relaxed fit for all fits and sizes (pants)
  •       Tagless for comfort


Noir- 38% Cotton/34% Polyester/25% Micromodal/3% Spandex
Light Shadow, Dark Shadow, Denim Mix- 65% Micromodal/30% Polyester/5% Spandex

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low heat, iron low heat: no fabric softener, no bleach, no dry-cleaning.


by Lara Smith, CEO & Founder of SOMÉ/Lusomé

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