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Maria Rossi – Body Whisperer

How one personal trainer is transforming bodies, and minds, throughout the Main Line.

Maria Rossi Fitness Instructor with a winning medal from a competitionMaria Rossi is an award-winning personal trainer on the Main Line. She’s also an athlete. She’s a former marathon runner and she’s a competitive bodybuilder (a passion she just happened to pick up after the age of 40). “When I turned 40, I thought it was the end of my youth,” Rossi recalls. “At the time, I had recently earned my certification to become a personal trainer and I thought the best way to learn how to be a great trainer to others was to go through the process of being trained.” She hired coaches, nutritionists, and trainers to guide her through the world of competitive bodybuilding. She ended up doing quite well. The results, however, weren’t just physical, they were also mental. Sure, the experience left her in the best shape of her life, but the experience also taught her how discipline and motivation, plus putting in the hard work, directly correlates to success.  “I wanted to pass everything I learned through that experience onto my clients,” she explains. “It’s not a coincidence that the majority of my clients are women over 40. I am super passionate about what I do and I want my clients to achieve success in their fitness goals.”


Personalized Plans for Personal Goals

Rossi, of course, isn’t training clients to be bodybuilders, she’s training them to get in the best physical shape they personally can. “No matter what a client’s starting point is, together we can get results,” she says. “I help men and women achieve their fitness goals. Whether it’s losing weight, getting in shape (and staying in shape), building muscle mass or simply feeling healthier and stronger.” She offers one-on-one personal training sessions out of her in-home fitness studio in Gladwyne, nutritional coaching, and body assessment consultations. One of Rossi’s many mottos is to “move with a plan.” Everything has to be planned out to be successful. “You have to plan your groceries and plan your schedule,” she explains. “You have to carve out at least 20 minutes for yourself. And commit to your plan because a goal without a plan is just a wish.” Rossi helps her clients set up their plan and to maintain it. “I care about my clients,” she says. “We become a team. And as a team I want us to get results.” 



To get results, clients can choose between three personalized programs to work with Rossi. One being nutritional coaching where Rossi is an accountability partner in the client’s weight-loss journey. “I come up with a customized nutritional plan based on the client’s needs and goals,” she explains. “I factor in the client’s schedule, eating habits, preferred foods, macro-nutrients and a feasible calorie target.” The month-long coaching program also includes daily accountability and weekly check-ins. The second program is a one-time body assessment consultation. During this one-hour session, Rossi assesses the client’s goals and puts together a realistic, customized workout plan for the client to follow. 


Let’s Get Physical

Rossi’s most popular offering is personal training sessions at her Gladwyne fitness studio. She utilizes all methods from strength training to boxing, using cardio, core, HIIT, TRX, Step, resistance bands and more to train clients. According to her quotes on her website: “we will work together to define your fitness goals and put together an effective plan to achieve them. We will also identify habit adjustments that will enable you to sustain those results over time. And most importantly, we will have fun along the way.” Fun often comes with training with a partner, so Rossi allows friends, couples, even mother/daughter and father/son duos to workout together. “Most of my clients who do personal training sessions together are couples,” says Rossi. “We have so much fun.” Before the first session Rossi has her clients fill out a questionnaire where one of the questions is what music do they want to listen to while being trained. “Music is key,” she says. “So I make a playlist specifically for their workouts. It helps with motivation and it keeps the environment uplifting.” 


The Results (and the Clients) Speak for Themselves

Rossi’s loyal clients are her best advertisements for the commitment she has to each person’s success. “Working with Maria Rossi Fitness for the past one and a half years since my breast cancer battle has been a life changing experience for me,” says Janice B., of Bryn Mawr. “Maria knows how to motivate, support and empower me to reach my goals. She does all of this in a loving and safe environment.” Alicia F., of Wayne concurs. “Maria is more than a trainer—she is a coach, mentor, and motivator,” she says. “Maria not only encourages, but will tailor your workout to your specific goals. She does not have a one plan for everyone approach, she listens to your specific goals and any health concerns you may have when coming up with a detailed plan tailored for your needs. She genuinely cares about her clients and watching them succeed.” Rossi knows her clients are investing their time and money with her, but she’s also investing in them and their success. “I always try to lead by example,” says Rossi. “You won’t reach these types of fitness goals overnight. In some cases it takes months, and I commit to be with my clients throughout their personal journey.” 



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