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Virtual Cooking Classes With Local Cooks for Your Little Chef

Ready to whip up something fun? Get your kids cooking with these classes, and start taking dinner off.

They want to know exactly what you are doing and what every ingredient is. They want to try their hand at the chef’s knife and kitchen stove, just like you. They really want to throw their hands into the hamburger meat.

While a child’s culinary curiosity in the midst of dinner prep can feel like a hindrance, it’s actually a wonderful thing; studies have shown that the more kids understand about and are involved in the preparation of their meals, the more likely they are to actually eat them!

Of course, when you are literally up to your elbows in a chicken is not the best time for them to decide to help you crack some eggs. So get the kids prepped to be your sous chef in the right setting, and sign up for some kids culinary classes. Whether you drop in for a fun afternoon or decide to let them get schooled on the basics of cooking their own meals, these virtual and in person options should be quite the treat.


Kitchen Wizards

From ladies’ night out events to kids’ cooking classes, Kitchen Wizards covers all kinds of Mary Poppins magic. With classes available for adults and kids listed on the website, Kitchen Wizards is sure to please with their simplified instruction and family-friendly recipes. 

Raw Monje

Raw Monje is a healthy lifestyle brand. Their online shop is open 24/7 and they are naturally gluten-free (made in a Celiac-safe kitchen), plant-based, mostly organic, refined white sugar-free and made in small batches with the best ingredients including love and care. They offer fun and educational classes (currently virtual), wholesale, cakes, corporate/celebratory favors as well as snack deliveries. 

Really Cooking With Robin

After school learning can be seriously tasty! Head to this cooking school in East Norriton for their After School Cooking Club for Kids. The school also offers birthday parties, a Life Skills class focused on teaching kids on the autism spectrum, and other drop-in classes perfect for older kids and teens. Children 7 and older can attend any adult class with a participating adult. Class size is currently limited to allow for social distancing.

The Big Tasty Club

The Big Tasty Club’s cooking and baking classes have moved online! They have a new Winter line-up and focus on seasonal dishes. They pride themselves on using only whole food ingredients and teaching kids how to cook healthy meals.  Camps and parties are also available!


Photograph by Sergey Novikov for Canva. Melissa Greiner, Jaime Metzger, and Gwyneth K. Shaw contributed to this article.