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Food is Love: Kitchen Wizards’ Founder Dishes on Her Mission

Kathy Wolper of Kitchen Wizards shares the inspiration and passion that drives her business.

Food is Love: Kitchen Wizards’ Founder Dishes on Her Mission

I founded Kitchen Wizards in October 2001. I’ve always felt that preparing food and feeding people shows love. My work has been a labor of love. My career included working as an elementary teacher and a technical trainer, and I combined my experience as an educator and my passion for cooking and baking to create a business that never feels like work and always gives me joy. My heart is full when I’m teaching and nurturing children. I hope to ignite a love of cooking and baking in the young chefs I meet.  


As a child, I loved to cook and bake with my Mom. Like most little girls, I wanted to be just like Mom. My mother and father are now 93, and I’m so lucky to have them as my parents.  They have been a great match – Dad LOVES to eat, and Mom LOVES to cook and bake. That pairing has served them well for 70 years!


I feel such a sense of warmth when I can feed others. When I was a child, I would chat with my Mom as she cooked dinner – and she’d teach me how to make various recipes that her Mom taught her. It’s so important for families to have traditions, and it seems that our family had a lot that revolved around food.


As an elementary teacher, I taught my “kids” at St. Patrick School in Norristown how to make “Irish potatoes.” Each child would also plant tomato seeds in a cup on the classroom windowsill to celebrate the first day of spring. They’d plant them at home on the last day of school.


As I got older, I cooked and baked for friends and family. Baking Christmas cookies was big in our family, so as an adult, I baked for my loved ones each year – taking vacation time to do what I enjoyed. In my 20s, I was the birthday cake baker for friends at my Friday night hangout (the closest thing to “Cheers” I ever knew). I took many cooking, baking, and candy making classes. I went on vacations where the main focus was cooking classes.  


I want children to grow up and hang out in the kitchen with their own children, showing them how to make their favorite recipes and talking about their children’s day. I never had my own children, so this is my way of ensuring that future generations will have a chance to experience the joy I did when I was a child.


Kitchen Wizards is always looking for like-minded teachers who love children and have a passion for working in the kitchen. If you have teaching experience and wish to join the Kitchen Wizards team of 25 instructors, please send your resume to Kathy at kathy@kitchenwizards.info.


If you want your children to learn an important life skill, connect what they’re learning in school to cooking, perhaps try a new-to-them food, and meet other kids who like to cook, our summer calendar (camps/classes in the Philly suburbs and down the shore) is listed on our website – www.kitchenwizards.info/events.



Have a great summer!


Kathy Wolper, Owner, Kitchen Wizards
Instagram:  KitchenWizardKath
Facebook: /KitchenWizards



Photographs provided by Kitchen Wizards.

Kitchen Wizards offers fun and educational cooking classes for children and adults. Our programs encourage chefs of all ages to discover the magic of cooking, one bite at a time! Kitchen Wizards’ culinary programs encourage creativity, patience, and listening skills. Students learn to take pride in their work and gain a skill that they can use for a lifetime. Discover the magic of cooking, one bite at a time!

  • Anna Servati June 10, 2019

    What a great article. You were born to do this and you have touched so many lives. Wishing you much continued success.

  • Judy Ohl June 14, 2019

    Congratulations Kathy — Great article and awesome business!